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The paper "Does Project Management in Australia Differ from Project Management in China" is a perfect example of a management research paper. The  project management has over time become increasingly significant in the current business environment as companies expand their operations into new markets and countries with the aim of increasing their market share while at the same time trying to reduce the associated costs by making use of more efficient resources which can be derived from other countries. The literature on project management has over time evolved considerably over the years in that a large amount of research has been carried out into the various concepts of project management (Kwak and Anbari 2009, Turner 2010 and Wintera et al 2006).

As the project management field matures practically and theoretically it calls for an increased level of interaction between people from a number of countries and also an interaction between the different cultures. A project is termed as a series of tasks and activities that tend to have a specific objective that needs to be completed based on certain specifications in that it have some defined start dates, end dates as well as the funding limits.

Project management has over time been proven to be among one of the most effective methods when it comes to delivering products within the schedule, cost and also in consideration of the resource constraints. With time the importance of project management tends to increase with time as organizations make use of projects as tools of collecting revenue and also as a way of improving their operational processes and also in implementing their strategic plans. Objectives The main goal of the research is to determine if there exist any differences between project management in Australia and China.

Project management is commonly defined as the process of initiating, planning, executing, controlling and finally closing some work so as to achieve certain specific goals and at the same time meet some stated success criteria. Thus, the main objective of the study is to offer a comprehensive review of the literature and other industry practices that relate to project management in Australia and China so as to detect any differences that may exist.

In essence, the study will seek to achieve the following objectives. Offer a comprehensive review of sources that relates to project management in Australia and in China Outline the main process of project management To review the practices and researches in relation to project management in Australia and China Outline the conceptual framework that ensures effective project management. Design A number of activities will be undertaken throughout the course of the research project and this will include searching and reviewing of literature related to project management in China and in Australia. After the sources are reviewed the most appropriate ones will be selected and used as the main sources of the information to be used in the research.

They will assist in arriving at a conclusion on the how the concept of project management differs in Australia and in China and this will be essential in writing up a well-researched paper that can be used as a reference in the field of project management. The information derived from the research will also assist in adding up to the already existing knowledge of project management.


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