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No: Dollar General Execution Dollar General shows a continued growth and this growth has not stopped and can be seen as a slow process. It cannot be said that the company has come up to the expectations of the analysts but all its operations and functions are underway and their execution has not ended. The company’s management shows much more interest in “merchandising and operational initiatives” execution along with the continuous expansion of the company’s network of stores (Hoffer 2011). The execution of current functions by Dollar General is indicative of the fact that the management is struggling hard to meet the expectations of the customers and is showing expansion as per the set strategy of the company.

There are no indications of disappointment for the customers. Even the company struggles to facilitate more and more customers with its services (BusinessWire 2011). To gain more accessibility to new locations for store formation is the company’s morale. The company has allowed its clients on internet as well as at their outlets to fill in the survey forms for analyzing the performance of the stores and satisfaction of the customers with their products and services.

The company shows financial growth as well as expansion of its stores’ chain on a regular basis (BusinessWire 2011). According to Nohria, et al (2012), Dollar General kept working towards betterment of its stock keeping and made use of information technology for checking out procedures and management of inventory in terms of execution (pg. 6). Culture A supportive culture makes the employees of the organization loyal to the organization. Employees also need care and encouragement. In terms of corporate culture, the company is understood as conservative by Nohria, et.

al (2003). The company’s management shows caring attitude towards its employees as it is interested in employees’ growth along with company’s growth. The employees are offered with many benefits while working at the company’s stores, distribution centers and store support centers such as health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, saving and retirement plan, wellness programs, compensations, rewards, bonuses and much more. The company also shows interest in literacy of the employees as it offers for a diploma in English proficiency or general education of employees (Dollar General Corporation 2012). Structure In terms of structure, the structure of Dollar General can be explained as a lean structure, which has the capability to “shift gears quickly” (Nohria, et.

al 7). Dollar General was initially small structure run by only family people, however, later on, the company grew professionally and the management aimed to develop the company in terms of its structure. There are no levels of bureaucracy in the company due to which, the structure of the company is quite simple and easy to understand (Nohria, et.

al 7). Innovation Dollar General has shown a quite unhesitant approach towards innovation and introduction of new processes and functions in the company along with opening new stores and outlets. The stores of Dollar General were redesigned as the space in the distribution centers was nearly made double, which can be considered as an innovative step (Nohria, et. al 6). Hoffer (2011) report that in the year 2010, six hundred stores were inaugurated by the company; however, five hundred existing stores were remodeled or relocated.

These remodeling, relocating and opening of stores is still underway and is among the policies of the company. The company also makes use of new technology for enhancing the performance of the company. Works Cited BusinessWire. Dollar General Corporation Reports Record Third Quarter Sales and Earnings; Announces $500 Million Share Repurchase Authorization. 5 Dec 2011. Web. 12 March 2012. Dollar General. Store Benefits: Sales Associates and Store Managers. 2011. Web. 12 March 2012. Hoffer, Gail. Dollar General remains top stock pick on 4Q sales growth. 22 March 2011. Web.

12 March 2012. Nohria, N., Joyce, W. & Roberson, B. What Really Works? Harvard Business Review, July 2003. Web. 12 March 2012.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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