Essays on Marketing Strategy for Dominos Pizza Case Study

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The paper 'Marketing Strategy for Domino’ s Pizza" is a good example of a marketing case study. Domino’ s is considered one of the major chains of pizza chains across the globe and is the top contender of the strongest fast-food chains. The company’ s brand has a close competitor in Pizza Hut. Nonetheless, Domino’ s has long overtaken Pizza hut to becoming the most sold brand of pizza within the market. In comparison to the other competitors such as McDonald's and KFC, Domino’ s has a long way to go and ensuring that it maintains the desired competitive advantage.

The reports aims at undertaking an internal analysis of the company through SWOT; recommendation for the new product development; and the target market Introduction Domino’ s Pizza currently operates in more than 60 countries globally. Fast Food also owns a properly knitted network and franchise stores. Moreover, it is one of the leading and most popular delivery company in the United States. Currently, the fast-food has about 8773 global outlets and 10,500 people globally. Two brothers from Michigan founded Domino’ s Pizza Inc in 1960 after purchasing Dominick's store and after five years, they converted the name into Domino’ s Pizza.

In 1983, the fast-food went international. Domino’ s not only relied on the call-ins and walk-ins, but the fast-food also uses the internet in assisting their sales (Jham,   V., & Tandon,   2012, 47). In the mid of the rising level of technology, the company is integrating various social platforms to ensure that it reaches every segment of the market. The customers could place their orders on their favorite pizzas online and have them delivered at their convenience. Moreover, the company also offers coupons or specialized deals on specific menu items, which continually tend to attract customers.

It also offers various kinds of pizzas and different styles of crusts. Through the years, Domino’ s tried to increase products through offering better ingredients which make pizzas and introduced menu items including Oven Baked Sandwiches and Bread Bowl Pastas. The international sales of Domino’ s have increased even as domestic sales decrease.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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