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The paper "The Challenges Facing Red Telecom " is a good example of a management research proposal. The purpose of this proposal is to find the challenges facing Red Telecom and propose the necessary changes. The findings are based on the case study of the organization. The results of the analysis establish that some of the challenges facing the company staff are lack of team, poor communication skills, lack of problem-solving skills, and anxiety brought by organizational changes. ADDIE plan was used to come up with the learning and development interventions.

The plan is a step by step that includes analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The framework details the process that the company should adopt to address the challenges and equip their employees with the needed skills. Red Telecom Proposal Objective The purpose of this proposal is to find the challenges facing Red Telecom and propose the necessary changes. The findings are based on the case study of the organization. Background Information Red Telecom, an Australian Telecommunications Carrier underwent a global restructure in its technical and customer service that resulted in the disruption of its activities and the performance of employees in the affected departments.

The customer service wing experienced changes in customer call operations. There were cultural issues due to the handling of foreign customers who called to enquire on a number of problems. Customers raised their concern on language and cultural difficulties when discussing their accounts with overseas operators. Hogan (2013) notes most people today are given global responsibilities without training in cultural awareness, understanding or communication skills. Cultural competence requires that employees develop a deep, nuanced and sophisticated understanding of diversity and becoming skilled in cross-cultural communication (Cooper, He & Levin, 2011).

They were also upset at the changes to pricing policies and processes such as bill payments. It is normal that organizations face resistance to changes and if not properly handled can derail their functions. Workgroup Profile The organization is made up of different divisions. It has a customer service section that deals with consumer complaints and inquiries. Additionally, there is the technical department that is composed of various levels of technical support. Besides, there is a management category that is made up by team leaders.

The aim of the organization is to offer telecommunication services to both business and residential sectors. Problem Statement/Competency Gap There are numerous challenges that Red Telecom is facing due to changes in its structure. The biggest problem for the organization is in the customer resolution department. Cultural Incompetence Initially, Red Telekom had outsourced call centers that handled surplus enquiries and after-hours service for Australian customers. Cook (2011) recommends that for effective customer relations, companies should always listen to their clients. The employees in charge of the divisions were not culturally competent which lead to communication challenges.

The relocation of the Department also resulted in complaints from customers regarding frontline customer service and technical support. Lack of experience New recruits who were given new positions were not adequately prepared for their role. They were supposed to be mentored by experienced managers, but that did not take place due to the latter’ s busy schedule.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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