Essays on Due Diligence for an Entrepreneur - NewCo Case Study

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The paper "Due Diligence for an Entrepreneur - NewCo " is an outstanding example of a business case study.   With the increasing number of Kenyan population accessing mobile phones and limited electrical coverage within the rural areas, many entrepreneurs are focusing on the provision of various charging options to help reduce the gap. Such a gap, as entrepreneurs, will form the foundation for consideration on whether to provide the services or not. As highlighted in the business plan, NEWCO is a solar-powered mobile charger with the ability to charge up to six phones simultaneously throughout the day.

This is an advantage as the programme will enable the entrepreneurs to maximize the duration of charging, a number of phones charged, and reliability considering easy availability of solar energy. Moreover, the entrepreneurs will not have to pay for solar energy while offering phone-charging services as in electricity use. The major objective of the entrepreneurs is profitability which involves maintaining the level of profits while ensuring the generated revenue from the business stays ahead of the costs. Therefore, an effective plan needs to integrate the methods of controlling costs within both the production and operations while ensuring maintenance of the profit margin on the services offered (Pinson,   2005, 115).

However, to realize these objectives, it is significant to focus on the customer's services. Good services habitually assist in retaining the potential customers and generation of repeat revenue. To invest effectively in NEWCO program, it is significant that the business incorporates various mechanisms of keeping the customers happy. Strengths and Weaknesses of NewCo Business Plan A strong business plan needs to provide a road map that turns small businesses such as NEWCO into profitable enterprises.

In a business plan, weaknesses reflect that either the plan was not written well and researched or the business concept is not clear. After identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the plan, the entrepreneur then decides on the amount of time and money to use in setting it into endeavor. Weaknesses within a business plan used in securing a fund always suggest that the plan does deserve an infusion of the cash, which could be a negative if that forms the basis of the plan. Strengths of the Plan While considering investing in any market, it is important to undertake a though market analysis to establish whether the products and services for investment will fill the market gap.

The NEWCO business plan has undertaken a thorough analysis of the potential market, which is the Kenyan rural market, forms the strength of the plan. Moreover, the plan examined and explained different features of the market and suggested the extent to which the program will capture. Any strong market analysis needs to reflect on the reason why the customers will require the services that the entrepreneur will be offering.

From the analysis, it is clear that the plan revealed the services the program offers to the potential clients rather than what the major players in the market offer. Additionally, the plan adequately addresses the plans of expanding to the regions including Sub-Saharan African countries if the program registers a successful outcome in Kenya. In the Sub-Saharan regions, there have been increasing numbers of people without access to electricity, which forms the market base for the products and services.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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