Essays on Relevance of eBusiness to Sustainable Development Case Study

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The paper “ Relevance of eBusiness to Sustainable Development” is an engrossing example of the case study on e-commerce. According to the iWay Software website, eBusiness is the conduct of business on the internet which is not confined only to buying and selling, but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. An E-commerce on the other hand is part of e-business; it is any transaction that results in a financial change is e-commerce (Held, Fred). Still, according to Fred Held, the advent of eBusiness allows developing and emerging nations to obtain more investments and business from the developed economies due to rapid interactive and structured communications.

This increase in the speed of moving up the chain from simple labor to high technology will help developing nations speed their own improvements in infrastructure, education, and finance. In 2006, numerous countries across the world are still accepting e-commerce despite spatially obstructions and in temporal sense together with other barriers in terms of culture, infrastructure, regulation, language, and economic aspect hindering boundless digital access according to the “ International Telecommunications Union” . Along with the advent of eBusiness, come various concerns that are needed to be added, one of which is the issue regarding the relationship of eBusiness and sustainable development. eBusiness in Relation to Sustainable DevelopmenteBusiness and sustainable development are two of the most powerful drivers of economic change within Europe.

eBusiness facilitates a better and more efficient way of communicating and transacting between businessmen coming from different nations while the concept of sustainable development becomes a public concern due to the depletion of natural as well as human resources. Both concepts are beneficial to the economy.

one boosts the market efficiency while the other sustains the market momentum: however, according to digital-eu. com, there have been debates on whether these factors complement or contradict one another. Does the implementation and success of one means success for the other as well or is it the contrary? Before we would answer the question, it is necessary for us to define the following terms and concepts:

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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