Essays on E-business Q5 Math Problem

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INSTITUION NAME OFFICE WORK STUDENT’S NAME1.1 Does your website exercise the right Doctype? Yes it doesA document type declaration notifies the authenticator which form of (X)HTML one is utilizing, plus it has to show at the extreme pinnacle of each web page. Doctypes are major units of agreeable web pages: my markup and CSS will not validate exclusive of them. By means of an unfinished or out-of-date DOCTYPE—or no DOCTYPE at all—confuses these similar browsers into “Quirks” mode, where the browser supposes you have written in an out-of-date way, unaccepted markup and code per the sad industry standards of the late 1990s. 1.2 Has a character set used in your website? Yes it has. If a browser is not able to notice the character encoding employed in a page, the subjects might be unreadable.

1.3 Has a Valid (X)HTML been used in your site? Yes it has. Codes with errors will be slower than valid codes. Also valid code will perform well unlike invalid code. Browsers are turning out to be more regular conforming, so it is growing more and more essential to write valid and standards compliant HTML.

You need to ensure that the W3C HTML, the WDG HTML and the CSS are valid. You also need to look out for too many Spaces, too much HTML and other external problems. 1.4 Is Valid CSS used in your website? Yes it is. The importance of a valid CSS in my website is to Separate between content and display, to support current and future generation of hand-held device, to allow for Cross-Browsing Compatibility, to enable faster and simple maintaining and to allow a reduction of file sizes. 1.5 Is there any CSS hacks used in your website? Yes there is. Fundamentally, hacks depend on individual preferences, the quantity of information you posses for workarounds, the definite model you are attempting to attain.

I have generally tried to evade whichever form of hacks despite the @import hack, however I will occasionally employ the "display: inline" fix to keep away from double margins on floats. I have never used a box model hack. 1.6 Are unnecessary classes or ids used in your website? No they have not. I have become aware of developers learning new abilities frequently end with high-quality CSS but poor XHTML.

Distinctively, the HTML code has a tendency of being filled with needless divs and ids. It consequences with a quite insignificant HTML with stuffed style sheets. 1.7 Is the code well structured? Yes it isSemantically correct markup uses html elements for their given purpose. Well structured HTML has semantic meaning for a wide range of user agents (browsers without style sheets, text browsers, PDAs, search engines etc. ) 1.8 Are any broken links in your website? No there are notBroken links are capable of aggravating users and possibly force customers away.

Broken links are able to as well keep search engines from correctly indexing your site. 1.9 Regarding speed/page size, how does the website perform? It is good as compared to other websites

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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