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E-Commerce Business Plan: www. abcmarketing. com 1. Executive Summary ABC Marketing is a sole proprietorship owned by XXXXX XXXXX. This plan outlines the guidelines for starting and managing the business. Based on conditions in the marketplace, it will be modified from time to time so that it can remain relevant over the long haul. The company’s objectives include the following: To make profit and to grow at a rate that will be manageable The mission of the company is to provide information for entrepreneurs, consultants, and other ambitious people who want to jumpstart their careers or improve some aspects of their lives.

Among the keys to success for this company are proper targeting of potential customers and providing information that is relevant, timely, and truly useful. The products will comprise manuals on goal setting, negotiation, interview preparation, business start up, and communication, among other topics. One of the advantages is that the business requires little start up capital though it requires a great deal of research to put the manuals together. 1.1 ObjectivesThe objectives of this business plan are: To have in place a guide that will aid the proprietor in starting and managing an e-commerce marketing business.

The intended audience, besides the proprietor, is an investor, who has agreed to put 30,000 pounds into the business. The plan includes a breakdown of activity for the current year and projections for the two subsequent years. The objectives of ABC Marketing are: Profit - To make enough profit that will support any future growth and to be able to pay back the investor within 18 months. Growth – The business will take an aggressive approach and aim to grow at a rate that will be both challenging and manageable.

Contribution: To provide an invaluable means for ambitious people to acquire the skills they need to enhance their career or improve their social, financial, emotional, or spiritual lives. 4. Contribution: To be an intellectual and social asset to the community and environment. 1.2 MissionABC Marketing aims to accomplish the following: Purpose – ABC Marketing aims to provide information that has been proven, tried, and tested, so that those who rely on this information can be reasonably assured of being able to achieve the results they seek.

Vision – The provision of reliable information is sure to help cement the company’s reputation and to help bring other potential customers on board. The company will actively solicit feedback from customers and make the positive feedback expected available to potential new customers. Mission – The company aims to start at lower cost but without having to sacrifice quality in presentation of the materials or in terms of resources for communication between the customer and the company. Marketing Slogan – “For Higher, Deeper, Broader” go with ABC Marketing! 1.3 Keys to successThe keys to success for ABC Marketing are: Marketing/Networking (ensuring that high-flyers know that this is the company that can give them just the information they need).

Responsiveness (ensuring that products ordered are fulfilled within 24-hours). Quality (ensuring that all products are free from errors). Relationships (providing free consultation to those who have purchased the manuals).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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