Essays on Factors Considered before Deploying E-Commerce Literature review

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The paper “ Factors Considered before Deploying E-Commerce” is a perfect example of the literature review on e-commerce. E-commerce is a term used to describe the business transactions done through electronic systems. The transactions include the transfer of goods and services through the internet as the main medium of the exchange of these services and goods. In most cases people involved in these transactions are always far from the other depending on the area radius, some may even be from one continent apart (Chaudhury 2002). The process of E-commerce has been made easier through the use of the internet as the system involved in this process may include certain computer networks that are interconnected through the entire world for instance through the World Wide Web. Most of the business activities that are carried out within the process of E-commerce include transfer and exchange of electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, automated data collection systems, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer among other things.

Electronic commerce makes use of email applications such as Gmail, yahoomail. com, hot mail, and the World Wide Web (Chaudhury 2002). Factors considered before deploying E-commerceIn most cases, companies which tend to apply E-commerce as a marketing tool within their organization or company has to consider several factors, for instance, virtual items occupy a reasonable portion of E-commerce that is done electronically while rest of the business is done through transportation of items physically from one place to another.

Many big business dealers can be found the World Wide Web dealing in e-commerce L. Burgess & J. Cooper (1999). Company size dictates what kind of business strategies the company will take in order to remain in business.

Small and big companies will, therefore, employ different strategies depending on their financial ability, degree of establishment, the volume of products and services produced, and the size of the market they want to reach out to.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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