Essays on E-commerce Legal Issues Assignment

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IntroductionThe fast speed of e-commerce expansion and development has normally left the legal system trying to continue as well as gasping for breath. In a great deal the similar way as businesses performing e-commerce have to discover new business standards and measures as well as rules, the legal system is attempting to adjust on-hand laws to comply with new settings where it is basically unclear how these laws will be appropriate. The e-commerce legal arrangements and tool of preference are the contract. In this scenario, if business or individual parties are able to consent how matters will be managed and capture that conformity in a written contract, they can, in a significant means, implement the rules that will oversee their planning.

Alternatively, these agreements are able to offer a lot of confidence even in the quickly changing grounds of e-commerce law. We are able to as well suppose that as administration and judges attempt to grasp the law up to expansions in e-commerce, they will appear at flourishing techniques and practices as models (Kennedy, 2000; Laudon & Laudon, 2005; Turban et al. , 2005).

In addition, the problems and issue of regulation on the Internet is a difficult matter to deal with. In this scenario, between the two all-or-nothing extremes present a wide spectrum of potential. Additionally, the majority of people revel in the freedom to state themselves as well as the freedom from exclusions for example zoning limitations that the Internet actually affords. In fact, in the absence of proper laws, though, the Internet would be no place to carry out business or contentment. Laws provide people confidences regarding their jobs and rights: they make life more predictable (Nasir, 2004; UNITED NATIONS, 2007).

This research is going to assess some of the major areas and aspects of the e-commerce in the context of legal issues. In this scenario, I will outline some of the major aspects and areas regarding the legal issues at e-commerce platforms and arrangements. Copyright & TrademarkA large number of efforts have been made to tackle the problems associated with copyrights on online web based digital content. Additionally, e-commerce has an incredible influences on copyright as well as associated issues, and the range of copyrights is influencing how e-commerce developing.

In this scenario, it is necessary that legal policies are placed and implemented suitably to make sure that digital technology does not weaken the fundamental doctrine of copyright as well as associated rights. From one viewpoint, the web has been illustrated as "the world's largest copy machine". On the other hand, previous technologies for example recording as well as taping are bound through regulations and rules about content, quantity, time and quality constraints. On the other hand, on the Internet one individual is able to transmit millions of copies to the entire world.

For example with online media based legal issues; there are varieties of problems emerging these days. MP3 files allow us to download from the Internet a song as well as play again it at close to CD class. Not amazingly, the record business is extremely associated regarding this massive threat to profits. Copyright law articulates that no one is allowed to openly or record plays a song in absence of some agreement of the person who possesses the patent to that song.

The proprietor is typically the record business that has obtained the rights to the song as of the singer.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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