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The paper "E-commerce Marketing Strategies" is a great example of a marketing literature review.   According to Evans & Knight (2014), E-commerce marketing strategies have played a big role for businesses in growing their business. This has been achieved by the use of e-commerce to increase customer base. E-commerce involves the establishment of an area whereby a business defines and designs a site on the internet for the purpose of reaching a targeted audience that has a common interest. E-commerce has enabled businesses to tailor their products and services according to customer’ s interests as well as preferences (Grzywaczewski, Iqbal, Shah & James, 2010).

For businesses to venture successfully in e-commerce it is important to define their company’ s niche markets so as to penetrate with offerings that are specialized online. It is important to note that, winning e-commerce makes use of content that is crowdsourced so as to make the sites interesting and sticky for potential customers. Therefore, it is important for businesses to adopt a strategy that will enable potential customers to find them through Google. According to Liu & Lu (2011), to ensure that customers are fully attracted, businesses should employ the use of appropriate brands to design their sites together with navigation which is well structured in e-commerce.

Providing a browsing experience which is enticing across different platforms online will enable businesses to achieve their goals on increased customer base as increased sales. Despite the many advantages that business gain from online marketing, e-commerce also raises problems that need to be addressed to ensure that it works for the advantage of a business. It is evident that innovative technologies such as the Web has changed the business environment and dramatically impacted the future of e-commerce.

Power has been shifted towards the consumer and this has led to major changes in the way businesses are relating to customers while competing with one another. The articles that are presented in this assignment are related to e-commerce marketing strategies and how businesses can employ these strategies to achieve an increased customer base online. Wen, Chen & Hwang (2001) describes how businesses have benefited from adopting the Web as a means of promoting commercial dealings. The researchers in this article argue that businesses have been able to use innovative methods of carrying out business.

This has helped companies market themselves effectively on the Web and thereby achieving distinct advantages. Furrer & Sudharshan (2001) evaluates how the use of the internet has contributed to making a brilliant future for researchers in marketing. Mukhopadhyay & Mishra (2011) argued that e-commerce is a technology which is emerging and its impact is being experienced in business with results that are tangible. The article focuses majorly on various e-commerce issues such as integration, security, paradigms as well as infrastructure.

Shin (2001) demonstrates how businesses are yet to recognize profits as a result of using e-commerce. The researcher argues that, since many companies who are doing business online are still investing and building their brands, they have not yet realized profits from the use of e-commerce. Businesses are recommended to change their focus from consumer base building to increases in growth of revenue as well as profitability.


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