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The paper "Effects of the Rising Popularity of E-Commerce to the Travel Industry" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Business Plan. Harvey World Travel is a travel agency company that offers travel services to the people who want to go on holiday. The company is based in Australian and it is privately owned. The company usually books the ticket and accommodation on behalf of the clients. The company is also responsible for planning for the holidays on behalf of its customers and hence making it simple for the clients to travel hustle free.

The company has a website which allows the customers to compare the fare to different destinations and also hotel rates. Through the services of the company, the people planning for holidays in Australia can benefit. The company also works with other organizations like the tour guide and airline companies in order to meet the demands of the customers. The company is independently owned and it has highly qualified personnel who provide professional services (Harvey World Travel, 2014). The company also provides different services which include travel insurance and it also provides competitive prices in terms of airfares, cruise, coach travel, holiday packages and hotel accommodation. The industry is undergoing a lot of changes due to the advancement of technology and the increased use of the internet.

The travel agency industry has undergone a lot of revolution over the last 15 years. The number of companies is reducing due to the internet. Cruises provide an important source of revenue for the industry. This is because most of the people still rely on the travel agency when it comes to the cruise lines (Vogel, 2012).

The travel agencies are currently embracing the concepts of technology in order to survive in the industry. Social media and travel apps, however, offer a lot of challenges to the industry as it provides direct information to the clients with regard to their travel needs. The paper discusses the concepts of e-marketing in relation to Harvey world travel. Situation analysis Environmental analysis The legal environment in Australia is good and it plays an essential role in providing a conducive environment for the growth and development of businesses. The legal restrictions in the industry are also being eased for the purposes of ensuring that the company can compete effectively with the international companies since little restrictions re in place oversee.

This is also considering that the internet has made it easy for clients to access overseas companies. The company can, therefore, take advantage of this unique opportunity to save on costs and enhance its operations. The technological environment has led to competition in the industry. Social media like Facebook and Twitter are being used by most of the travelers.

On the other hand, different apps have been developed for the purpose of providing travelers with travel information. The smartphones and tablets are also useful for providing travel information for most of the travelers. The use of technology has led to a reduction in the number of companies in the industry (Cook, 2010). However, technology provides an opportunity for companies that embrace it. Harvey World Travel can use technology for the purposes of e-marketing. The company can also be involved in social media for the marketing process and it can also develop apps that are supported by the smartphones and hence impacting positively on its ability to attract customers.

The companies that have embraced technology have flourished in the industry while those that have not have been forced to close down. The market-related factors indicate that the number of travel agencies has reduced by 50% by 2011. However, the trends also indicate that most of the people in Australia still prefer using travel agencies when it comes to cruises (Castro, 2013). It is also important to note that oversees travel agencies are also increasingly becoming popular among the local people.

The agencies, therefore, present a threat to the company and hence the need for using technology to counter the threat. The company also faces competition in the market from the local as well as international companies. Travel Australia and Bakpak Travel are some of the main competitors of the company in the Australian market. However, the website of the company is well developed and it enables the customers to make booking s online and hence its competitive advantage over the other competitors in the market.

The website of the company also enables customers from different companies to make a booking which is important in terms of competing with overseas companies.


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