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The paper “ Insight Vacations - Situational Analysis, Environmental Factors, E-Marketing Strategic Planning” is a well-turned example of a business plan on marketing. Insight Vacations operates under the tourism industry in Australia. The tourism sector in Australia contributes considerably to the overall economy of the country, mainly through creation of employment opportunities. The industry also supports other sectors of the economy such as education and training, retail sector, transport (by air, water, road, and other means), hotel industry through accommodation, restaurants, cafes, and other takeaway food operators, tour operator services (such as Insight Vacations) and travel agency.

The industry has two key divisions; domestic tourism through local spending on tourist activities and foreign tourism through visitors from other parts of the world, also regarded as tourism export. Regional economies are the ones that benefit the most from tourist activities. The Australian tourism industry has been growing steadily over the past ten years (TRA 2013, 4). Insight Vacations is a company that offers escorted tours to various parts of the world. The company offers high quality, premium tour vacations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

Its product range covers conveniently located first-class hotels, terrific cuisine, multilingual and expert tour guides, immaculate service, and well-thought-out routes. This ensures the tourists experience the best and get to see sights that remain etched in their minds. Insight Vacations offers red hot deals, air as well as land specials, great savings plus discounts, and individual interest tours. The company’ s products include ancient civilizations in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece and Turkey, Europe and Britain as well as the Winter Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, the United States and Canada, and India and Nepal. Situational AnalysisSituation analysis captures both the environmental factors and SWOT analysis that may well have an effect on Insight Vacation’ s operations.

The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis scrutinizes the internal strengths and weaknesses as well as the external opportunities and threats affecting the company (Arens 2004, 120). Environmental factors that affect e-marketing include legal factors, technological factors, and other market-related factors (Cant 2003, 67). SWOT Analysis Strengths A good company website Online presence in social networks (Facebook and Twitter) Located in a place with good internet and wireless connectivity Impeccable and quality standards Weaknesses The website does not allow for e-mail subscriptions Limitation in the number of online sites presence (does not include youtube videos, my space, and others) The website does not support receiving online payments such as pay-pal, visa-card and master-card Low level of search engine optimization (SEO) It does not appear more on Google ads and lacks other fast online access features. Opportunities Growing E-Commerce functionality Global internet connectivity Online marketing strategies Increased internet connectivity and wireless connections The emergence of online payment modes such as pay-pal, visa-card and master-card Threats Increasing online competition from other players Cybercrimes Increasing website hacking occurrences Environmental FactorsLegal Factors Increased global regulations on patents and copyrights that include online activities Confidentiality and privacy concerns regarding online leakage of client information Protection of intellectual property rights Technological Factors Rapid changes in technology Development of industry-specific technology Adapting to current technologies Market-Related Factors Online ethical considerations Increased online business activities Global business interconnectedness E-Marketing Strategic PlanningSegmentation and Targeting Demographics Owns a home personal computer Owns a smartphone Single; married; with or without children Earns between $27,000 -55,000 Generation X Psychographics Spends a lot of time browsing online content Active on social networks such as Facebook, my space and twitter and others Prefers to access the internet constantly Online brand conscience Reads fashion, news, travel, and art publications with a preference for online material Geographic Resides in or works in Australia Resides in regions with good internet connectivity Lives in neighborhoods with access to internet Works in places with free wireless connectivity Resides in cities with free wireless connectivity   Based on the market segmentation above, Insight Vacations shall adopt an undifferentiated (mass) market targeting strategy (Dwyer and Tanner 2006, 69). Differentiation and PositioningInsight Vacations seeks to ‘ offer online premium quality tour operations’ through discovering ‘ the art of touring in style’ . E-Marketing ObjectiveThe goal of this e-marketing plan is to boost the traffic of tourists and brand loyalty to Insight Vacations.

This will be achieved through; Enhance online brand consciousness Increase online purchase by 5 percent every year Improve the online database by October 2014 E-Marketing Strategy ProductInsight Vacations seeks to offer products ranging from ancient civilizations in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Greece and Turkey, Europe and Britain that includes Winter Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, United States and Canada, as well as India and Nepal. These products are available for both online and offline customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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