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The paper "Plan for Reconstruction of Queensland Health Organization Website" is a perfect example of a marketing case study.   Queensland Health is a vibrant organization, which is committed to offering different services with the aim of achieving well-being and good health for all individuals living in Queensland. It works via 17 mater hospitals, health services and hospitals network, where it delivers a number of integrated services that include health promotion programs, public health, aged care services, mental health services, community health services, emergency services, outpatient and inpatient services. It is the biggest health institution in Queensland nation and it is widely distributed to all major states of the country.

Queensland Health Organization wins its customers by offering good and quality services to all, irrespective of financial status. Additionally, it has developed a strategy of visiting interior parts of Queensland nation offering mobile services and thus, creating a better ground to be the customers’ preference. Besides this, Queensland has offered detailed information about their services, distribution and contacts in their website to ensure all their visitors get the right information and a chance to acquire firsthand information about the organization (Queensland Government, 2012). Queensland Health is among the best hospitals in Australia.

According to a survey carried out in the mid of 2012, Queensland Health Organization was documented as the top healthcare institution in Queensland in regard to their mode of operations and services. However, this kind of performance is not reflected in their website design and rank position in the online search engines. Queensland Health website was designed without any consideration of the SEO aspect. Although it contains all information and connections that a customer may need to know or visit, it can only be located in Google search engine by use of its actual name but not any other health-related terms.

This makes it hard for the site to be visited by individuals who do not know of its existence but need the best healthcare in Australia. The above problem has made Queensland Health to experience threat from other health care that is excellently marketing their operations and services online. Royal Perth Hospital and AIHW are among Australian health institutions that are threatening the future market position of Queensland Health.

The two can easily be accessed by any individual who wishes to get more information about hospitals or health institutions in Australia (Queensland Government, 2012). Queensland health organization has an extensive website that holds information about all its operations as well as all its 17 branches distributed in the nation. However, the presentation of this information is quite poor. A visitor can easily give up in his/her search due to a number of links involved in locating the actual information needed.

Most of the site’ s menus do not direct the visitors to the actual information needed but to more links which either give little or hardly any information before linking the visitor further. A good website should be precise with links that direct a visitor to the actual position they refer to. Also, a good site should have an excellent integration of text graphics and links, and the designer should ensure that they are well-positioned and organized. The first look at the Queensland Health website indicates the poor design of a website. This posts a great disadvantage of the organization to its competitors.

An attractive website encourages visitors to browse deeper into the site (Queensland Government, 2012).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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