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RUNNING HEAD: E-MARKETING SERVICES    E-Marketing Services The fundamental concept of this business lies in the provision of customized e-marketing services. The business will provide services beginning from situation analysis to the delivery of results by making use of e-marketing tools. The fundamental e-marketing tools through which services shall be provided by the business will be those that are meant to increase website traffic and generate revenue through pay-per-click e-marketing instruments. The feasibility of this business lies in the fact that I hold significant expertise in the area of e-marketing and I will therefore be able to function with minimal human resource in the beginning.

The rate of expansion of the invested capital will therefore be directly proportional to the revenue that the business generates. It is imperative to highlight to highlight that this is a business-to-business venture and therefore most of the revenue generated will be reliant heavily on the reputation of the business from initial clients. It would therefore be advisable to develop a business model that is based on efficient customer relationship management approaches so that repeated purchase of the services can be ensured. I believe in this opportunity because the modern day business model is converging towards cost reduction in operations and encouraging engagement in approaches through which a large market can be access through the usage of minimal resources (Smith, Smith, & Chaffey, 2005).

This B2B business will allow other businesses to reduce their marketing costs and increase the scope of their marketing and promotion campaigns through the utilities of e-marketing. The services offered by this business shall serve as revenue stimulants; therefore, clients will be able to perceive the expenses as investments.

This is an opportunity for me because I hold more than adequate knowledge about the dynamics of e-marketing. This will allow me to develop solutions that are customized to the clients’ requirements. In essence, this business fits my area of expertise; which also happens to be my general field of interest, thereby enabling me to actively develop my skills in e-marketing and deliver better services to my clients with the passage of time. I also have contact to a significant number of personnel who hold expertise in this field and I will therefore be able to function with professionalism for my clients.

In addition, contact with expert and experience personnel will allow me to develop a value chain consisting of members from whom I will be able to acquire assistance and/or sub-contract assignments when the situation calls for it. This concept is financially viable because it will give small and medium enterprises a channel to access the larger market. Services such as search engine optimization will allow them to reach a larger audience while Banner Ads will allow them to acquire new customers.

In addition, e-mail marketing services will assist in customer relationship management while tracking services will allow them to exercise accurate accountability in measuring the return for their investment. In addition, the concept also incorporates financial productivity on account of the fact the number of suppliers for the provision of this service are present in significant numbers; therefore giving my business an increased power of bargaining. References Smith, P. R., Smith, P. R., & Chaffey, D. (2005). Emarketing excellence: the heart of ebusiness. Oxford: Elsevier.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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