Essays on Each Of Our Students Is Unique. Describe How Your Background, Skills, And Values Would Contribute To Admission/Application Essay

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Running Head: Admission Essay Admission Essay [Institute’ s Admission Essay In person, God has blessed me with strengths that allowed me to prove myself as one of the best in the field. Self-confidence supported me in accepting challenges, and goals were achieved through self-disciplined maturity. On the other hand, it is imperative that an individual should incorporate his weaknesses that it may turn into strengths. Similarly, I am very altruistic, which often seems like a weakness in this materialistic world; however, this nature will help me in bringing change in this globe.

Until now, I managed my life through effective management of responsibilities towards family, work, and education. I was associated with firms and worked with people from diverse backgrounds, which efficiently articulated my communication skills. Additionally, I represent a country that gives utmost opportunities and belong to an educated family that provided ambition to crave continuously for knowledge and share them with colleagues. In this regard, these values will enhance the experience of my classmates through intellectual sharing of academic knowledge. Moreover, I encountered an accident at the age of five, which cost a 5-month hospitalization that brought me more closely to my parents, as they never left me during process for the sake of my physical well-being through expression of their unconditional love.

I am now a family-oriented person having concerns for family. The Merage community will be a family and I will endeavor to cater needs of my prospective classmates for strengthening the relationship and enhancing experiences at the university. I have developed passion for development of community through direction of my mother that teach youth with incomparable commitment and run a charitable organization for poor and sick.

A compassionate mother has brought me up, which constructed similar passion in my personality and so, classmates will benefit from my empathetic and altruistic nature. I am confident and achieved goals, and I will be studying for the development of my family, the Merage community, and the entire world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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