Essays on How Have the Characteristics of Digital Media and Strategic Decisions Supported eBays Growth Assignment

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The paper "How Have the Characteristics of Digital Media and Strategic Decisions Supported eBay’ s Growth? " is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. How have the characteristics of digital media supported eBay’ s growth? While analyzing the different growth phases of eBay, it is clear that various digital media characteristics have contributed to the corporation’ s growth. Firstly, the transformation from a one-to-many communication approach to one-to-one or many-to-many communication approach greatly assisted eBay to increase its sales volume. An important feature of the one-to-one communication model is the capacity to produce ‘ user-generated content listing products’ .

This feature aided the organization to provide greater shopping experiences to its website visitors. Through push to pull, the company could make its product and service offerings visible within search engines. A Bjorner and Ardito (n. d) points out, the change from a monologue system to a dialogue model notably assisted eBay’ s market share growth. The dialogue model indicates a two-way information exchange system, which facilitates product inquiries through e-mail. This system greatly assisted the organization to respond directly to customer queries on time. The digital media characteristics such as ratings for sellers significantly promoted the eBay business because this facility was useful for customers to analyze the feasibility of different online retailers.

Experts opine that transformation of the analog signal to digital signal is another digital media characteristic that added value to eBay operations. Nowadays, data is transferred to high-performance digital hardware; and this facility is beneficial for the corporation to ensure the fast and secure exchange of data. The application of digital programming for instant downloading assists eBay to provide superior services to its customers.

Furthermore, the different characteristics of digital media are beneficial for customers to assess the organization’ s credibility. How have strategic decisions supported the growth? In addition to digital media characteristics, strategic decisions have also promoted the growth of eBay. Firstly, distinct branding assisted the firm to get well recognized among online shoppers. Although the earlier brand name was more direct, it was not sufficient enough to capture market concentration. Likewise, the firm gained first-mover advantage due to the foresightedness of the owner; and this move provided the organization with a large group of potential customers.

eBay designed “ Trust and Safety Programs” in order to effectively deal with security and fraud concerns and to add value to its reputation (Trust and safety tutorials). The company tends to continue investing in security management. It seems that eBay’ s partnerships and acquisitions based business model promoted its operational efficiency and benefited the organization to offer improved services to its customers. The PayPal system has greatly boosted the organization’ s growth in recent days. The firm’ s comprehensive revenue model has often aided eBay to survive many difficult situations. EBay’ s strategic management always seeks measures to improve its areas like activation, acquisition, and activity which in turn contributes to its process efficiency.

The firm’ s growth strategies have played a crucial role in making the company one of the world’ s leading online sellers. The firm always tries to expand its customer base and considers new business categories. Business analysts argue that the company’ s efficiency in strategic decision making added to its technology scalability- the feature that has promoted eBay's rapid market growth.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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