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Essays on Ebay and how we can optimize the rating software in order to increase it's efficiency on the customer and enhance buyer-seller relationship Research Paper

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Increasing Efficiency in EBay During these tough economic times, EBay faces the risk of losing s, hence losing alot of revenue. In order retain customers and even attract new ones. EBay must convince their customers of security and that they will not lose their money to fraudsters and conmen through the website. To do so, EBay wants to investigate whether the system they have put to ensure that clients do not lose their money through the website. Specifically, the company wants to know if the ratings system is effective among its customers.

The company also needs to identify its rating system’s relevant components. Finally, the company wishes to identify ways in which it can improve its services to its customers hence increasing its revenue. This study’s problem is to determine the responsiveness of university students towards online buying. Online buying has not been in the business industry for a very long time hence it is vital to know whether university students are embracing it or not. Another problem of this study is to determine whether security is an issue that affects the behaviors and attitudes of university students towards online buying especially EBay. The research will seek to know how many university students use the EBay website to buy or sell items.

It will use gender to divide the websites clients (male or female). The research will also establish among the students who use EBay, how many sell and how many buy. The research will also examine reasons why students prefer using the website and reasons behind those who do not use the website. The research will try to identify the number of students who have lost money through EBay.

It will also find out how many students have rated sellers. The research will also try to identify in among the students who have bought items from the website, how many did as a result of the seller rating system. The Research will also ask students if they prefer any other online buying website other than EBay. Finally, the research will ask the students to recommend ways in which they feel that will improve security when buying and selling items through the website.

A questioner form will be drafted from these questions and given to students. Hypotheses 1. Security is a significant determinant of whether students use the EBay website to buy and sell items. It has helped retain customers as well as chasing customers (Montague p25). 2. The rating of a seller significantly influences customers decision to buy (Norris p11). 3. Assuring clients of security of their money will directly increase the company’s revenue (Racherla 45). Conclusion Before conducting the research, it is necessary to prepare adequately. Firstly, one must obtain permission from the school to conduct research.

One should also make sure that they have all the material before undertaking the research. It is also important to find a venue as early as possible since the university is always busy. It is also beneficial to strategically place the interview at a time when almost all students are available. A good time to hold the research is during lunch hours since students will not be attending classes. Works Cited Montague David. Essentials of Online payment Security and Fraud Prevention: New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2010. Norris Cresta.

A Quick Start Guide to Online Selling: Sell Your Product on Ebay Amazon and Other Online Market Places. London: Kogan Page, 2010. Racherla Pradeep. Factors Influencing Consumers’ Trust Perception of Online Buying: Philadelphia: Temple University, 2008.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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