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The paper "The Overall Human Resource Strategy that Is Pursued by MITRE is a great example of a management case study.   MITRE Corporation uses a targeted Human resource strategy to recruit or hire new staff. The corporation is primarily dependent on internal sources in the identification and recruitment of new staff. This can be seen from the active involvement of existing employees to bring in new and qualified staff. The corporation uses its internal resources that is the Human resource rather than depending on other external sources such as Advertising and recruiting agencies, which tend to be more costly. Employees are involved in the recruitment process since they are conversant with the requirement and expectations at MITRE.

This way, they are encouraged to identify qualified individuals who would contribute positively towards fulfillment of the Sponsor’ s mission expectations and also who would fit in the pool of other highly qualified individuals (William et al, 2005). In this essence, it can be seen that the recruitment strategy tends to target specific individuals and not just about anyone. William et al (2005) further state that the corporation seeks to recruit individuals with high qualities as those attained by their employees hence the use of their employees in the identification of candidates.

Employees are motivated to identify and refer individuals they deem fit through a referral program that pays them for any meaningful referrals made. More than half of the hires made by MITRE are through this internal method of referrals which also enhances the assurance of high-quality candidates. Through the use of its employees and staff, the corporation is heavily dependent on the use of its internal sources.

The employees are always up to date with MITRE’ s most urgent recruitment needs. They also encourage their staff to acquire business cards on conferences from those individuals they think can make good team members. MITRE also attracts new and potential candidates from those who attend technical symposia or other meetings on MITRE’ s property. Characteristics of MITRE that are Attractive to Older workers MITRE has built a good reputation as one of the best employers and remains very attractive to many people in the mid or peak of their careers. The respect and involvement accorded to the employees is also an appealing factor to older workers.

The work associated with MITRE in terms of quality is very useful even though at an early stage, in making high-level decisions by the government agencies they support. MITRE thereby endeavors to attract experienced experts who are equipped with important knowledge and skills with regard to the latest technical developments which is a factor attributable to the older individuals. The corporation’ s recruiting members tend to also seek older workers who have acquired many years of experience and demonstrated competency at high levels from their past responsibilities or tasks based on their performances.

For a number of years, MITRE has been identified by prestigious organizations and publications such as magazines, as one of the best employers of choice. This is as reflected by the Fortune magazine’ s 100 best companies to work for’ in the year 2011. The corporation also scooped third place due to its support and balance between work and life.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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