Essays on E-Commerce in the Global Business Environment Assignment

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The paper “ E-Commerce in the Global Business Environment” is an impressive variant of the assignment on e-commerce. The modern business environment is so competitive that it is becoming mandatory for beginners to scan the environment and analyze all the dynamics that have a direct/indirect impact on the venture even before take-off (Lumpkin. , et Al, 2002). The environmental analysis technique thus ought to be reliable and in tandem with the set goals and objectives as well as cushioning the business from possible threats and identifying possible strengths on which to build. To better understand the global business environment a PESTEL analysis is essential. Despite a successful start-up, businesses need to constantly monitor and evaluate the environment as it presents unprecedented threats that can be avoided if the careful environmental analysis is done. E-commerce websites can be accessed globally and thus, this e-commerce website will be keen to conduct business where there is no limitation to free internet access.

Despite promoting small businesses and offering them a platform to market their goods this e-commerce website will be keen to avoid countries that lack political stability.

This will help this e-commerce venture to avoid cases of money laundering as well as unnecessary censorship of the website. Every business venture’ s success depends on a strong global economy, with a strong economy the venture will be able to incorporate many small businesses from all around the globe without worrying about currency exchange issues. A strong global economy will also present this venture with a wide market range. E-commerce businesses like Google, Amazon, and eBay have over the years relied on a favorable global economy to avail products to consumers from various retailers globally e. g.

Samsung, Philips, Sony, and many moreSome businesses have failed on a global scale due to their inability to apply internationalization in their ventures. Having that the e-commerce website will seek to host small businesses from all around the globe; the website will offer options for almost all the languages in order to accommodate all customers. Moreover, the e-commerce website will be customized to reflect a global image by having specific landmarks for specific countries pop up whenever the website is accessed from those locations, this will ensure inclusivity and continuity.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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