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@2010Play station, a product of Sony CompanyIntroductionSony Company is the biggest worldwide company which deals with the electronics, entertainment (Video and Audio), games, and financial services. However, it is the leading producer and distributer of the electronics. With the advancing technology, it has produced Video game consoles play station developed through its computer entertainment and regularly modifies it to fit with the advancement of the technology. The essay will analyze the decisions of the company and its workers regarding the price of play stations focusing on the demand and supply. It will also look into the general views of the whole industry, nation, or world which contributes to the prices or the flow of the product.

This will include information on the demand and supply of the product (Sony electronics, 2007). Microeconomic factors which affects the prices of play stationsMicroeconomic factors are those that Sony Company and its workers consider when setting up the prices of the products, these include government taxes and other regulations. The wars of the prices of commodities is too common in today’s market and especially in the video game industry as most of the companies are engaging in this type of business to meet the demands of most of the consumers in the recent market.

This makes the demand high although the supply is very low may be due to the quality of the product or the high prices for the public to afford. Although the prices are considered to be the key determinant of the choice of buying a product Sony records the most output of play stations compared to the other companies.

Their prices are set in a way that they favor the capabilities of most of the consumers and favor the status of the company. First they consider the fixed costs like that of the renting the building, cost of the raw materials and machineries, salaries of the workers and other expenses like insurance. These costs remain irrespective of the conditions of the outputs or the supply of the products hence the prices of the commodity cannot go below the fixed costs. (Dr. Duffy, 2008). The company has a good relationship with its suppliers thus it gets the best quality and reliable raw materials.

It doesn’t suffer from their shortages or unreasonable increase in the prices. This because of its stability and performance in the global market thus most of the suppliers find it to be more reliable than the other companies. Due t the stability of some of these internal factors, the prices of the products are not interfered with. The availability of many and different products and their high supply means that the fixed coats which are the major determinants of the prices of commodities is shared resulting to the fairness of the price of a single products compares to those of the other related companies.

The company also has more interests from the sale of its different products thus some of the changes in the fixed costs like the increase in the salaries of the workers cannot affect the prices of the output (Ivory research writers, 2005).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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