Essays on Economic, Financial Crises - Causes, Consequences And Cure Assignment

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LITERATURE REVIEWThe topic for my literature review was on causes, consequences and cure of economic financial crises. To search for a high-quality paper around the field of literature, I used the many university databases, online libraries and googleschorlar. com, however online libraries were better and useful for me. I felt that online libraries have literature that is more complete and can get me more information regarding the topic in respective books. I used the book’s abstract and online journal articles downloading them from online libraries including online. wsj. com, questia. com and many other libraries providing university databases. From Research information gathered on this research, I begin with my theories on the used articles for the topic, and then later on went ahead with finding most written recent articles on the topic helping me complete my literature review.

I had to incorporate and drive in critics of the paradigm so that everything aligns itself well and my study flows efficiently. This way, ideas would flow more efficiently. PROPOSALMy goal is to do more research, taking note on causes, consequences and cure for economic crisis. The documentation of the same in the press has not tackled the issue on the front and there is need to come up with better literature and closing the knowledge gap on the financial crisis providing guidelines on the progress needed in improvising measures to handle the crisis. APPROACHExperts OpinionMy approach in the analysis of the financial crisis is using interviews because from the interviews, experts will provide a guideline into the principles behind economic crisis identifying causes, consequences and cure of the financial crisis.

Qualitative and QuantitativeExploration of Quantitative data will be necessitated in various economies as it is related to economic crisis, global market and other economic aspects guiding the market economies.

The exploration will be in terms of a number of key aspects of market economies. Quantitative data will relate to the trend in economies in terms of G. D.P and other variables. This will detail the losses and profits with the concepts of value applying in every bit of the quantitative features. Survey Research Methods & SamplingI will use an open-ended survey in a respective economies based on their characteristics and on their average performance.

A sample of 10 experts from respective economic departments will feature in the research. The respective experts will be detailing information on the recessions and a depression giving a proper concept of what goes on with the two variables featuring in the economies. Financial crisis studyThe term financial crisis applies broadly in many situations where some financial institutions or assets lose a large their value suddenly. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, several financial crises were in association to banking panics, while recessions coincided with the respective panics.

Other situations often related to financial crises include bursting of financial bubbles, currency crises, stock market crashes and the sovereign defaults. Studying economic crisis requires an incorporation of economic concepts. Financial crisis study highlights the concepts of various economies including issues of depressions and recession globally.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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