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The paper "Analysis of General Motors Holden Ltd" is a perfect example of a micro and macroeconomic case study.   General Motors Holden limited is a fully owned company of general motors (general motors), based in Detroit, in the United States of America. Currently, Holden is one of the oldest transport brands that started as a saddlery business based in Adelaide in 1856 (Bebbington 2009, p 1). In 1917, Holden started large-scale car bodies construction for general motors. Holden’ s emblem of ‘ lion rolling a stone’ was developed in 1928, displaying the fable of human’ s invention of the wheel.

The company has since been owned by general motors in 1931 and was one of the first industry to mass-produce a vehicle in Australia. By 1948 around 67-car brands were sold in the Australian market making the company the only unique Australian brand (Grant 2004, p 62). The car company headquarters is at Fisherman's bed, Victoria, from 1936 to date. The car company’ s manufacturing plant in Victoria entails a design office, head office and engineering centre, which is the company’ s proving ground, engine operations and Holden service parts operations.

The company’ s car manufacturing operations are based in Elizabeth located in South Australia. Its state sales offices are found in Queensland, New South Wales, and Western Australia. The car company is one of the seven general motors operations that take a vehicle from the design stage on the initial sheet of paper and finally the showrooms, with precise expertise in rear-wheel-drive cars, power train, and alternative fuels (Don 2002, p 200). The car company has a highly skilled staff, with experience in design, engineering, robotics, logistics, ergonomics, purchasing, toolmaking, process control and assembly work.

The Australian government opted to offer support to Holden and prevent it from closure (Kennedy 2005, p 4). Recent research done by the South Australian government by Dr Barry Burgan of the University of Adelaide saw the closure of general motors company would reduce economic activity present in South Australia by approximately $1.5 billion per annum.


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