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The paper "An Evaluation of Aussiehome. Com" is a wonderful example of a case study on macro and microeconomics.   Aussiehome. com is a real estate services firm in Perth and its range of activities is really breath-taking and should be quite satisfactory to its clients. No wonder the spur given by globalization and modernization has added to the value of real estate business. One of the immediate ventures in a sound economy is a flourish in building activities. Aussiehome. com has geared itself to meet all the challenges in the field in a very professional and efficient manner.

In this presentation, we shall briefly cover its area of operations, how it effectively functions, meets challenges, and also plans for sufficient expansion to stay ahead as one of the leaders in the business. Aussiehome. com – An overview Aussiehome. com is a firm operating from Perth which offers much help in giving shape and aesthetic look to the properties displayed by developers. It provides specialized services to the web-sites of developers. It undertakes “ designing, building, and maintaining customized websites. ” It gives the developers a cutting-edge in extolling the present and potential assets of the properties and assures the developers a safe niche for exhibiting their products.

By having hundreds of such agencies under its protective wing and care, Aussiehome. com has again under its single canopy a sweeping list of properties in the desired localities of the prospective buyers. Aussiehome. com 2 The fact that it has been instrumental in the sale of nearly 40,000 properties since its inception just in 1999, speaks a great deal about its commitment to its professional outlook. “ The aussiehome. com property portal is packed with features and functionality, including: Fast real estate search with plenty of filter options; Interactive Google mash mapping with satellite imagery, hybrids, and zoom to the lot level Our own map search with pull-down text filters Suburb Price Charts (plot up to 5 at a time) Our own 'aussiehomehunt' technology to track properties for you automatically  & weekly Buy Landgate past sales data Photo slideshows of every property Suburb profiles & photo. ” (aussiehome. com – about us) It has its own special relationship with leading companies in the respective technological field to assure its clients the latest and the best in providing appropriate needs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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