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In conclusion, Blue Brush hair studio based in Qatar seeks to surpass its competitors and to be successful inside and outside Qatar. It aims to offerbest services to distinguish it from other competitors. In this paper, we developed a strategic plan, which is useful for maintaining the unique success and achieving the target of growth. Our plan analyzed the internal and external environments, to address the studios strengths and weaknesses. The paper also discussed external opportunities and threats. We used the manager interview results, the employees’ survey, and the customers’ survey. Blue Brush’s hair studio quality and service are the major strengths that have to be maintained.

On the other hand, we have some recommendations for the studios weaknesses especially in regards to the location. We applied the Mckinsey 7-S Model, which includes shared value, style, system, structure, strategy, skills, and staff to have a profound look at the studios management. Furthermore, the external environment was assessed by using Porter’s Five Forces Model. The model addresses five competitive areas that have an effect on Blue Brush’s hair studio performance in the market.

Besides, the paper presented strategic map diagram and the industry lifecycle stages. Particular emphasis was the position of Blue Brush hair studio in the current studio services industry. The analysis comprehensively compared between the studio and its direct competitors. After the inclusive study, we listed some SMART objectives. Finally, we developed an implementation plan for four selected goals, which we believe are the most helpful for Blue Bush hair studio at this stage.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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