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The paper "Education in France" is a delightful example of an essay on education. France is the second-largest country in Europe. It is also among the countries that enjoyed immense power and d influence in the past. In fact, one may argue that France had immense and continues to change the world. That is, in terms of culture and education more specifically. France is the fourth most populous nation. Over half of her population resides in cities. As a result, France has a very high percentage literacy rate of up to 99%.

Consequently, like other technologically developed countries, France’ s rate of population growth has been slow especially after the second world (Gutek, 1993). The rate of farming activities has reduced even though agriculture is an important sector of the French economy. Moreover, the fact that about 33% of the land in France is arable under the country’ s temperate climate. The land availability has led to a more urbanized France. Urbanization accompanies an increase in technological advancement. The advancement influences positively on French education by mounting technological secondary schools as well as the vocational schools. The irony is that French society is both customary and contemporary it is laissez-faire and at the same time conformist.

In addition, it is religious and at the same time secular. Regardless of these paradoxes, the French distinguish their country as a culturally unsurpassed leading light of the world culture. The impression that the French had a mission to civilize the world has had a profound influence on French education. The phenomenon is evident through France’ s activities in the eighteenth century. During this period, the French language rose to the eminence of ousting Latin as the international diplomatic language (Gutek, 1993). The French were of the view that culture and common language gave them French identity.

Educationalists emphasized the responsibility of schools in broadcasting and upholding language decorum, cultural tradition, and preservation of the French identity. The French system of education has seen to it that France thrives in its multicultural, multiethnic and multiracial character. France as a nation assumes the responsibility for service delivery in the education system since the creation of the modern revolution. Policymakers within the state recognize the need to modernize education and make it influence the economy positively.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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