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Part AAs an individual, communication is part of daily life. Situations demand communication in order to relay important information to the required channels. Post-communication evaluation may denote if the communication was successful or not. With that kind of evaluation, it has helped me to improve on my overall communication skills. This is something that seemingly takes some time to be fully perfected. It is rare to get someone who actually is confident that he or she has perfected the art of communication. It has to be improved on a regular basis in order for one to move towards the state of perfection.

One of the most memorable situations that I can vividly recall seriously thinking about communication strategy is when I was expected to give a public lecture to a school of orphanage children. During that time, many ideas went through my head. There was the obvious determination to perfect my delivery and at the end of it ensure that I communicate the message across the audience. In the process, I had to think about how best I can achieve that objective.

The first step while preparing was trying to understand why I was delivering that speech (Ludden 2001, p. 97). Understanding the purpose of the speech was meant to enable me to have a focus in preparing the key points. In this case, I was supposed to give a speech that will motivate the orphaned children to work hard. These children required an encouragement that indeed their future is still bright and their dreams still valid. They had to realize that they have full potential to attain any level of success.

Therefore, my message was designed to focus on the means of motivating the children to work even harder. Having understood the focus of my speech, the next consideration was who my target audience was (Booher 2007, p. 115). Understanding the target audience is important in trying to prepare on how to meet their needs. In this case, the obvious interested party or audience is actually the orphaned children. Inasmuch as other people may be in attendance, the main focus is on the orphaned children because they form the main audience.

I had to think about their needs and their struggles in trying to ensure my speech does not miss the intended purpose. In the process, I realized that much is involved in trying to understand my target audience. I want to understand their concerns, the information they already have and how they are likely to react to what they will hear. After establishing answers for the ‘who’ question, I had to ponder about what to say (Roebuck, C 1999, p. 42). Definitely I was thinking on the exact issues to address in the speech.

Some of the issues included the need for these children to work hard in their academic work. This is very crucial if they have to compete fairly with other people for the various opportunities present. In addition, I had also to focus on the need for them to be disciplined. This is because discipline goes hand-in-hand with hard work. Disciplined students are found to be the most hardworking students in most cases. Therefore, these are some of the issues I will have to address to ensure that my presentation achieves its objective.

After considering what to communicate, I also thought about how to say it. The mode of communication or information delivery is very important. I thought about what to include in the presentation to make it livelier to deliver. I had to focus on using examples and illustrations in order to drive the point effectively. Examples were to include orphaned children who have defied all odds to become successful in life. This was meant to ensure that the audience is connecting the information in the presentation with real life examples.

In the same way, using facial expression and related gestures is important to ensure the message is effectively delivered.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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