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The paper "Effective Leadership " is a good example of a management essay.   Leadership is a concept that has had a lot of studies and programs engaged on overtime and remains among those human resource management topics that enjoy an extensive literature base around the world. There are many theories and concepts that have been developed to help better understand how leadership plays out in organizations and ways to optimize leadership skills within different organizations (House, 2010). According to Spillane & Diamond, et al. (2004), one of the key approaches that are used is an apprenticeship which basically refers to the process of learning by example and observation.

In this regard, aspiring leaders learn from other leaders by observing and emulating their skills at work and asking them questions for clarifications in order to build their own leadership skills and prowess (Spillane & Diamond, et al. , 2004). This paper provides a review of a similar approach herein referred to as “ Leadership shadowing” where I observed a mentor for a period of time working under them and learning from them. Herein is provided a brief summary of the observations made about their leadership style and approach in comparison to what other authorities talk about leadership. For this exercise, the leader I worked with was the Group Products Manager in a pharmaceutical company I once worked with before coming to the US where I was working as a Marketing Secretary.

I worked under this leader for over three years learning a lot of things from his leadership style and understanding different attributes of leadership and how they can be influenced by good strategies and proper knowledge. Working under this leader, I learned that there are different styles with each style being fitting for different situations.

This was in support of what is claimed by Spillane & Diamond, et al. (2004) that leadership style is the style that is preferred by a leader in providing direction and implementing plans as mandated in their capacity and positions. The greatest lesson I learned and observed from the leader taken for this activity was the role of motivation in ensuring success in leadership.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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