Essays on Effective Leadership and Workplace Diversity Assignment

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The paper "Effective Leadership and Workplace Diversity" is an outstanding example of a management assignment.   Consequences of staff withholding information according to Van Dooren et al (2016) include; Inactivation of other staff members, Misinterpretation of information and directives were given, The employees will lack enough knowledge and skills that captivate productivity. Question 2 According to Smith et al (2016), approaches to getting feedback from employees are; Showing concern and interest to the employees. Paying attention to the non-verbal cues of the employees like facial expressions. Asking feedback from others on management. Involve the employees in discussions and decision making. Accepting critics and corrective approach in management. Question 3 Issues that affect work output and quality include: Unfavorable working conditions due to strict rules formulated by the managers.

Rules like reporting and leaving at odd hours and information bureaucracy reduce the efficiency of workers within an organization. Poor manager-worker relationship. This fascinates inferiority complex, reducing workers morale. For instance, theory Y managers are recommending that workers should be included in daily decisions. Communication barriers. According to Smith et al (2016), weak delivery of information within an organization is a key perpetrator of organizational uncertainties. Lack of knowledge and skills.

Unskilled workers and managers find it difficult to effectively deliver in their area of interest, reducing the quality of work being delivered. Lack of worker motivation. Workers in an organization should be motivated through salary increment, provision of leaves and increasing allowances. Question 4 In order to promote ethical Behavior in an organization, participative culture should be adopted. Workers are equally important in all organizational pertaining (Walters et al. , 2016). First, workers should be involved in decision making. Secondly, training through seminars and workshops should be done to the entire staff of an organization.

Additionally, a proper working environment, free from the pollution of all king favors employees’ welfare. Finally, all forms of communication in this culture are paramount. The employees and managers are given equal chances of delivery of information and directive during the practical performance (Walters et al. , 2016). Question 5 Extravert managers differ with the introvert managerial approach. Extravert managers focus on the interests of the workers hence concerned about their welfare. This management approach motivates the workers through salary increment and motivational tours. Furthermore, workers are educated in various fields to foster their knowledge and skills hence inventions and product innovations.

Contrary, the introvert managers are self-centered and more focused on their ego other than workers welfare. The main purpose of such organizations, with extravert management, is profit provision. Question 6 Working methods to be employed as a manager include: Working by objectives. Managers employ this method to ensure that the employees focus on meeting the objectives of the farms. Democratic management. This is vital where the employees are utilized in providing information used in decision making. Autocratic management. Here, the manager should dictate what is done, to keep the employees on move to increase productivity. Information obtained through networking as a manager include; Level of knowledge and skills of the employees and how to improve it.

Also, data on workers welfare and motivation factors are extracted (Fischer et al. , 2016). Question 7 Ensures that employees know what is expected of them. Plan on how to instill knowledge and skills to employees through development and learning activities. Planning fosters feedback and discussion opportunities to the employees Ensures that rewards are appropriately given to employees Fosters manager-worker consultations for effective production Organizations support employees to achieve optimum performance.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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