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The paper "Effective Quality Management Practices" is a great example of a business assignment. The study on how effective quality management practices can provide a competitive advantage for both services and manufacturing organisations entails the combination of many factors. The researchers considered the management of both the manufacturing and service providing organization and the contributions of the international standardization systems in boosting the practices of managing these organizations. The general aim of the whole study is to show the advantages of having a quality management practice in an organization so as to survive in the highly competing world. To collect enough data for the study, the researchers were required to consider both primary and secondary methods of collecting data.

They went out to gather information by interviewing various organizations as well as the representatives of management systems like ISO or Six Sigma and others dug hard the library shelves reading books, journals and other materials containing information relating to the field of study. There were some specific and general objectives that were set to be achieved as well as guide the researchers while collecting data. The analysed information was reported in full text and other simple figures like charts for easier understanding of the audiences.

The researchers targeted the managers of the organizations and the potential managers who might need to have good management skills and those that can enable them to survive in the stiff competing world. The report is structured into areas that were considered during the study, for example, the general and specific objectives, research design and methodology, challenges, findings and their analysis. Context/ background This research study was not the first of its kind but a continuation of what earlier researchers had done in the area of concern.

Much has been done in Australia as a nation to improve the management so as to provide competitive advantages to both services and manufacturing organizations. the formation of many services offering organizations, has been adapted by service providing organizations mostly in the world of IT (McDonough & Garrett, 2006). The inventors of these standards came up with two types of families ISO standardization: ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 and both are concern about the management in an organization.

The family of ISO 9000 is concern about quality management in an organization while ISO 14000 addresses the environmental management or the effects of the activities of an organization on the environment and the achievements of the continuing improvements in the performance of the environment.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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