Essays on Effective Planning in the Utility Sector in the UAE Research Proposal

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The paper "Effective Planning in the Utility Sector in the UAE" is a good example of a management research proposal.   For a long time, the utility sector in the United Arab Emirates has suffered a lot from poor implementation and failure in major projects especially those dealing with water and power production. There are many issues leading to the failure of these projects. However, poor planning has been found to be the leading cause of these failures (Abed, Hellyer, Vine, Al-Abed & Vine 35). In the UAE water is a scarce resource and millions of dollars are used every year to ensure that this resource is made available.

The UAE needs water for irrigation as well as for domestic consumption. Given that the whole of the Middle East region is a desert, a lot of water is required for food production and for other purposes. There is a similar situation when it comes to power. The demand for power in the UAE is very high. In fact, there are a number of projects underway for the construction of nuclear reactors (Aamir 76).

The utility sector in the UAE, especially where water and power are concerned suffers a great deal because many major projects initiated to increase power and water availability do not achieve their goals. Poorly planned projects face many problems in their implementation resulting in unmet objectives, delays, and in certain cases the failure of the projects. The resultant effect is that the scarcity of power and water continues to exist and its effects are made worse by the rapid increase in the population of the emirates. A study done by the company Collaboration Management and Control Solutions shows that the biggest reason for project inefficiency is improper planning followed by lack of communication, unrealistic dates of completion, and lack of commitment among others (Charmichael, 67). 1.1 Statement of the problem Poor planning for projects causes many problems in the implementation of these projects (Tom 2013).

The UAE has many causes of inefficient planning for projects which have consequently been the cause of sluggish development. Power and water are very essential in the running of any country. Therefore, the UAE requires efficiency in the planning of projects dealing with water and energy.

There is a huge demand for water and power which can only be met by the initiation of big projects to increase power production and water availability. Inefficient planning and management of such projects ensure that the dream of having water and power sufficient UAE does not come to pass (Ibrahim et al. 36). Inefficient planning of projects causes the loss of millions of dollars especially when the projects fail to achieve their set objectives and the money invested in them sinks.

Currently, there are some major projects for nuclear power production already underway in the UAE. These are huge projects demanding a lot of investment. If such projects are inefficiently planned and implemented, then the loss to the country can be very massive (Charmichael, 77). 1.2 Significance of the study This study is important because it will reveal information about the evaluation of efficiency in planning in water and power projects in the UAE and how this efficiency can be improved. This information is very important to project managers in the UAE as well as the governments of the various Emirates which are the principal sponsors of these projects (Calin 45).

This study will also create knowledge about efficient project management to any other people in the UAE and other places who may be in need of initiating projects. Students and researchers will also benefit from the findings of the study especially on the information on how to improve project planning efficiency in the UAE.

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