Essays on Targeting and Positioning in Marketing Assignment

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The paper "Targeting and Positioning in Marketing" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. In 2014, the existing services UNE and SportUNE collaborated to form UNE life. Its primary objective is to provide top quality services and facilities at UNE. The organization strives to make university easier and enjoyable for the students, staff, and community around UNE.   The organization has nine businesses across the university. They include: sportUNEthat is a sports and fitness facility. Secondly, the ‘ Stro’ which is a bar and nightclub. Thirdly, Cafe Life, which serves coffee.

Fourthly, Belgrave Cinema. Others include Campus Essentials store that sells all the essential goods you require in the campus. YarmGwanga offers babies to care for those students and staff members who have little ones. It also has Life functions and catering and the collection for special events. UNE life also has a Sleek Hair Studio that helps keep your hair clean and stylish. Lastly, it offers Graduation services to help make your graduation ceremony memorable. The relevance of strategic market management, its smart objective, and the hierarchy of strategies for UNE Life UNE Life requires strategic marketing strategies to help boost their marketing plan.

This will assist the organization to come up with marketing plans that will eliminate interference and help maximize profits. The marketing strategy will help its managers to look critically at all the selling activities and help them determine which of the nine businesses supports the others most. Strategic marketing management will help UNE Life in the following ways. Firstly, it will help streamline its product development. In doing so, it will ensure that its products and services have the best chances of making profits.

By conducting marketplace research, knowing their target customers and having information on what their competitors are doing, it will be easy for UNE Life to know how to price and differentiate their products from competitors. Secondly, strategic market management will help UNE Life determine optimal prices for their goods and services. This bases on the information obtained from marketplace research. Its primary customers are the students, and most of them are bargain conscious and are ready to accept fewer bells and whistles on the products. This means that UNE should set its prices below its competitors.

Lastly, strategic market management has a positive impact on the organization. It will help UNE Life workers have a good working relationship. For example, salespersons will communicate with the product's development people to know which message to take to the potential customers about their products that will help it sell quickly. The smart objective of UNE Life includes providing top quality products and services to their clients. Secondly, to have a remarkable customer service department. Thirdly, to make life on campus easy and enjoyable for the students and staff members.

Fourthly, maximize profits generated by its businesses. Lastly, they strive to ensure that their business is sustainable. Marketing strategies at UNE Life should follow the following hierarchy: firstly, the organization should come up with corporate and business level strategies that will assist them in developing objectives of the organization. The organization should also come up with marketing strategies that will help them know their target customers and the purchasing power of the buyers. Lastly, the firm should come up with functional strategies to help ensure that all objectives of the company get achieved.


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