Essays on Elements and Performance Management Assignment

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The paper "Elements and Performance Management" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Air cargo services are commonly grouped based on the operations and include all-cargo carriers, Belly Carriers and Express Delivery companies (Achard, 2010). All Cargo Airlines are those airplanes that are dedicated to carrying cargo. Some of the airlines in this category include Cargolux, Singapore Airlines Cargo and Lufthansa Cargo. Belly carriers – these are those airlines that carry both people and cargo. The cargo is stored in the hold of these passenger planes. Some examples include Cathay Pacific, Air France KLM and Korea Air Express delivery carries are aimed at ensuring packages and freight are delivered within a specified time period. Comparison of different types of shipping services The shipping industry provides numerous services that are based on the demand and requirements of consumers and also based on legal jurisdictions.

Some of the services offered include: Liner service – these are those ships that usually have predefined schedules and outs. This means such services are commonly utilised by those consumers who have small cargo or volumes in which it is not viable to acquire services of the charter.

Some of the goods transported utilising this method include gadgets, electronic goods and toys. Tramp services – this type of service is based on on-demand or on-call service ships. These services are availed to those consumers who have large cargo volumes such as crude oil, chemical or food. Charter ships – these are similar to tramp ships but they are commonly utilised by persons with the aim of tourist or leisure activities. Some of the services offered by charter ships can be classified as time charter, trip charter single voyage charter or bareboat charter Others include conference lines, NVOCCs, non-conference lines, scheduled services, less than container load and full container load Comparison of configurations and carrying capacities of different types of ocean vessels Ocean vessels carry different cargo types and the weight is commonly referred to as deadweight tonnage.

In other scenarios, an ocean vessel can be classified in terms of width and length. Some of the common classifications and configurations of ocean vessels include (American Institute of Marine Underwriters Technical Services Committee, 2010):


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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