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The paper "Elements of Leadership Styles" is a great example of an essay on management.   Two major leadership styles have become areas of focus for the past weeks and these are servant leadership and situational leadership. The study has somewhat had servant leadership as the experimental leadership style with which the situation leadership style was compared to. Under the servant leadership style, it was realized that servant leaders would generally have well-structured prices, values and beliefs with which they offer service to their subordinates (Hussey and Hussey, 2007). Invariably, servant leaders see themselves as chief servants and as part of the workforce (Gray-Toft and Anderson, 2008).

To this end, they seek the interest of the larger group and incorporate themselves into the task of achieving the goals of the group. On the other hand, situation leaders encompass themselves with four (4) major routes to achieving organizational or group goals. These routes are telling, selling, participating and delegating (Saunders et al, 2003). To this end, it can be seen that whereas servant leaders always stick to a particular principle and value, situational leaders change with changing times (Johnson, 2012).

With the selected organization as a case study; and with a comparison with the two styles of leadership, it would be said that the best leadership style that would fit the immediate needs of the organization is the servant leadership style. The reason behind this choice is that the organization seems to be experiencing some organizational challenges that have emanated from how leadership has been conducted over the years. Over the years, there are some employees who feel that leaders have been over authoritative and have been selective with the choices.

When servant leadership is thus employed, employees are going to see their leaders as part of them and they are going to have a better appreciation of their leaders and the way and manner in which they carry their leadership (Johnson, 2012).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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