Essays on Online Retailer of Company that Deals with Marketing of Books, CDs and DVDs Case Study

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The paper "Online Retailer of Company that Deals with Marketing of Books, CDs and DVDs " is a great example of a marketing case study. For one to be successful in online retailing of products, there are fundamental requirements that must be met in order to improve sales of the products online. The creation of a website is not adequate as an aspect of attracting visitors to the website and thus increasing sales of the products. There are a number of strategies that must be implemented and aligned together in order to sufficiently meet the threshold of sales increase.

This paper provides fundamental requirements of an online retailer of the company that deals with the marketing of books, CDs and DVDs of different varieties in the Australian market. Several aspects like page presentation, attracting customer loyalty through quality services, increasing frequency of visits, length stay which translates to increased purchases are described effectively in this paper from a director’ s point of view. Review and Analysis According to Botha (2008, p. 285), online retailing requires that a number of factors are considered insightfully in order to facilitate a successful online retailing of products.

Some of the most fundamental requirements of a successful online marketing campaign that enhances customer loyalty and increase of traffic on the web page are presented based on a wide research of relevant quantitative and explorative materials. Improving traffic and convergence rate The design of the website is an essential aspect of increasing traffic convergence on a website, it is required that the following factors be fulfilled. The design of the website should be done with minimal graphic usage, proper space utilization, precise and informative content provided on the website (Li 2002).

Excessive graphic usage increases the loading time of pages and hence discouraging visitors, space utilization is essential in the sense that excessively detailed content will discourage a visitor hence the need for precise and expressive description that is attractive. Links should also be created in order to link the visitor to more information about the product which includes prices and shipping expenses. Amazon. com will be used as a benchmark in the development process since the site has exceptional simplicity but effective design. As advised by Botha (2008, p. 285) it is necessary to display a variety of books and different versions of CDs and DVDs such as Imation and Sony among others in the webpage.

Having different varieties of products that are of high quality and reasonable pricing will attract visitors to the webpage and hence increasing the daily traffic upon the launch of the website. Another essential aspect that is recommended is to register with popular search engines like Google. Com and also ensure the usage of keywords while searching for the product.

Using several keywords and registering in popular search engines will ensure that the page is located more easily and hence increasing traffic on the website. Setting up a system that monitors traffic per day and a simple customer response system will also be important in future decision making that will ensure that the traffic of the Australian customer base is attracted. Improving loyalty After implementing strategies of attracting large traffic to the company’ s website, it is advisable to implement fundamental ways of enhancing customer’ s loyalty. The availability of different varieties of books, CDs and DVDs will be the first step towards winning customer’ s loyalty.

These products should also be of high quality in order to give the customers a reason to buy from the website again. The second strategy will be the use of quality support of the customers with a quick response to their inquiries. A simple online delivery service that is easy for the customer to use. This will greatly reduce inconvenience on the side of the customer and hence improving their loyalty (Haenlein 2004).


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