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Emergency kit with disaster supplies The emergency action plan refers to an “action plan” meant to systemize employees and the employers’ actions during emergencies at workplace, homes or in cars. Further more, Emergency plans may be prepared to curb either natural or manmade disasters. Emergency plans may deal with any disaster and at any place. We need to take into consideration some factors and reasons for putting up an emergency plan. In addition, we have to find out the components of an efficient Emergency Action Plan. This paper will also focus on the various steps that should be followed to develop an effective emergency plan and a sample emergence kit.

To prepare an effective emergency plan, we have to include basic components in the plan. These include the ways to emergencies, mass departure procedures, escape routes and medical, and rescue duties for victims. One need to evaluate the workplace or homes before an emergency occurs by following the recommended standards, for instance the fire prevention plans (King 12). To prepare and implement an effective emergency action plan, the following steps are very vital.

First, make sure that all the requirements needed in an emergency plan are met. For instance, the site developed should be based on the emergency conditions being evaluated, evacuation policies, alarm systems and reporting of the emergency. To come up with appropriate emergency plan employees need to be involved in dealing with emergency issues (King 35-36). A good plan must consider all emergencies that may arise. The second step involves putting into consideration all the possible manmade and natural emergencies. In this case, we consider the major emergency sources, which include explosions, fires, toxic materials, and workplace violence.

In this regard, we must conduct a risk assessment test at workplace and homes. As a responsible person, you need to make contacts with responsible personnel and emergency agencies and responders. In your plan, you have to include list of names of staff members, departments, and telephone numbers for more clarification on responsibilities and duties during an emergency. In addition, you have to develop medical and rescue strategies and consider importance of efficient communication such as keeping record of personal phone numbers of the employees, next of kin and many others.

Further more you need to find out ways of reporting fire incidents and related emergencies and develop means of alerting employees in case of an emergency. In handling an emergency plan, we also need to identify when and how the training of the employees is done (King 59). An emergency survival package refers to essential tools and provisions prepared to counter endurance in an emergency (King 26). In coming up with a disaster kit for homes or cars the following procedure is followed.

First, assemble food, water, and emergency provisions, which can last for sometime. List all the required items and pack them in one area to ease transportation. In addition, assemble plastic containers for instance, those having handles to ease transportation. The containers can occur in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, find the best container that fits in your vehicle within the shortest time possible. When coming up with an emergence kit for a car, you need non-perishable foodstuff and carefully pack it in a metal box.

In addition, you need screwed plastic bottles to keep in your water plus a blanket to aid combat shock. Your list should also involve matches, flashlight, fire extinguisher, a first aid book and kit, a notebook, flares, clothing, zip lock bags, hose, paper goods, wire clothes hanger, car keys, cash, and jumper cables. In addition, you may need some items that are optional items such as roadside emergency kits, safety products, emergency triangle, and solar chargers. After you have acquired all these items, make sure that you evaluate what you have at hand (King 87-90).

In conclusion, a comprehensive car kit helps to avoid serious injuries incase of an emergency. Thus, emergency preparedness measures are very vital in our lives at home or in cars. Works Cited King, Isaac. Action Plan - Live To See Another Day. New York: Isaac King Publishers, 2011. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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