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The paper “ United Kingdom’ s Emergency Planning Arrangements” is an impressive example of the term paper on management. Emergency management is the development of plans that help communities reduce their vulnerability and ability to cope with disasters. The aim of disaster management is not to eliminate or avert threats associated with disasters but to reduce its effects. Failure to plan could lead to revenue loss, human mortality, and assets damage among others. The United Kingdom has Emergency Response, and Recovery plan has evolved after years since the Second World War to come to its comprehensive level today (O'Brien & Read 2005).

The plan set guidelines on the suitable practices on recovery from and responding to emergencies. The goal of the guidance is to share the information on emergency planning and identification of responsibilities and roles of particular organizations. It also aims to determine the role of the emergency response at the national, sub-national, and low levels and how they integrate. The document also acts as a reference framework, especially language and concepts for the players responding to the emergencies. Some of the current emergencies that the United Kingdom is trying to avert include terrorism acts, communication failures, industrial accidents, public disorder, fire, industrial sabotage, and natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes.

The United Kingdom’ s emergency management plan has got eight guiding principles: anticipation, preparedness, subsidiarity, direction, information, integration, co-operation, and continuity (Government of the United Kingdom 2013). 2.0 Key Organizations Involved in Disaster ManagementThe United Kingdom emergency response framework does not give the sole responsibility of a particular agency or organization on disaster management. Instead, it has several organizations and agencies that are given the responsibilities to conduct emergency management activities.

The responsibilities and roles of the main sectors and agencies in disaster management are clearly stipulated in the emergency framework. The players' main roles are responding to and recovering from the emergencies. Wales and England have an elaborate structure showing the key organizations and their roles in emergency management.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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