Essays on Rsns and mrgny rrdnss in the UK Case Study

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The paper “ Rеsроnsе and Еmеrgеnсy Рrераrеdnеss in the UK ” is an impressive example of the case study on management. Emergencies and disasters often result in a significant impact on people and property. To some extent, they cause loss of lives, serious psychological problems, and other health-related issues. The disaster emergency systems of the United Kingdom have been facing significant changes and reforms since the occurrence of World War II in order to primarily decrease the number of human casualties involved. Through the years, the country has witnessed numerous disasters triggered by natural activities, biological and chemical processes, and human activities.

Questions regarding the readiness of the country in managing disasters have been on the rise since the occurrence of the 9/11 terrorist attack and the London bombing that occurred in 2005. Every new threat of disaster occurrence reveals the magnitude challenges resulting from managing them. In order to manage the risks efficiently, it is important to note that such management involves a series of step that also ensures that the vulnerable communities are involved (Brebbia et al. , 2011, 122).

Therefore, for effectiveness and accountability, every disaster management and preparedness technique must aim at combining the process of reducing the hazard and vulnerability of the people. Since the occurrence of the flood event that occurred in 2007 that left about 13 people dead and others displaced. Currently, most of the displaced people reside in risky areas of England and Wales, which is creating more concern over the rising vulnerability of the people to hazardous conditions. Due to the severe vulnerability of the people, the UK government is currently setting different institutions and calling on the international communities that work in areas of disaster management to raise public awareness and educate them on the best ways of managing disasters. Organizations involved emergency management and preparednessThe central government of the UK has been able to revolutionize disaster management since World War II.

Since the UK began experiencing nuclear attacks, the government enacted several laws including the Civil Defense Act in 1948 for the protection of civilians.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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