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The paper “ Emirates Palace Hotel - Leading Quality Assurance” is a well-turned example of the case study on management. The Emirates Palace Hotel is among the biggest luxury hotels in the world. Located in Abu Dhabi, the hotel offers services to both normal visitors and diplomatic of the United Arab Emirates. The management of the hotel seeks to ensure that the services that are offered are of international standards. This is possible by setting up different policies to ensure that this is achieved. Emirates Palace Hotel has put in place measures to ensure there is the satisfaction of the employees who work in the hotel.

This involves carrying out a survey that aims to find out the pleasure of the employees. The findings of these surveys are used to formulate policies that will ensure better working relationships and conditions. The satisfaction of customers is also surveyed to come up with a procedure, which ensures that all the expectations of the customers are met. By publishing the results of these surveys regularly, the hotel is able to move towards achieving its vision and goals. This report also focuses on the relationship between suppliers and the hotel.

It analyzes the process of selecting suppliers and quality issues that are involved in ensuring the stringent quality requirements, which are necessary for the food and beverage industries. There are also some set standards and certifications which are observed by the Emirates Palace Hotel. By observing the requirements of these certifications, the hotel is able to ensure that there is quality delivery of services. One analysis done of a process in the hotel is the room cleaning service. The process requires the participation of various staff, from the cleaning personnel to the quality assessment team.

Adherence to quality issues in this process is essential since it determines how well and clean a room will be, which will affect customer satisfaction, hence help to accomplish the purpose of the hotel. Company BackgroundThe Emirates Palace Hotel in the United Arab Emirates is the second most expensive luxury hotel in the world, after the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

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