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The paper 'Marketing Services' is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. Service marketing involves the provision of services by a business or an institution as opposed to tangible goods or products. There exist three key aspects that play a significant role in service marketing. These aspects include the inseparability of a service and its purchase, the intangibility quality of services, and the inherent use of services. These aspects reveal that services and consumption happen simultaneously and that every customer has a different and unique experience about a service. Since service and consumption occur simultaneously, businesses came up with service marketing theories to increase their chances of maximizing sales.

Service marketing theories dispense rough guidelines that enable the businesses better position their services in the marketplace; thereby increasing their sales. Successful organizations dealing in the service industry emphasize the 7 P’ s matrix model in ensuring quality service. The service marketing paradigm not only involves the service but the investment in people, employees, delivery systems, the physical environment, and the nature of services. All the above aspects have an immense influence on the quality of service and eventually, the customers’ satisfaction.

Hence, the consumer satisfaction theory has taken lead in service marketing with more attention being given to the service matrix 7 P’ s; versus the traditional matrix-4 P’ s (Van Vliet, 2011 p. 1). This study discusses the consumer satisfaction theory in reference to the service matrix mix- 7P’ s in Emmy’ s and Maddy’ s first service encounter case study. The service mix goes beyond the usual four principles that relate to product marketing. Services have unique characteristics that make the addition of the physical evidence, process, and people extremely important factors in determining customers’ satisfaction.

In the case study concerning Emmy’ s and Maddy’ s first service encounter, the characteristics of services stand out right from Mr. Hoffman’ s wife's admission to discharge. Mr. Hoffman and the wife went to buy an intangible service; healthcare during the birth of their daughters. They experienced mixed up attention from the hospital care and staff which explains the quality of service of that particular hospital. We see them wait to see a doctor on call for an hour, the poor service in the admission ward, and the grower’ s room, and finally, the staff's attitude leaves nothing much to desire. Importance of People/Employees and Customers Consumer satisfaction in service marketing is evaluated based on the outcome of the perceived consumption experience.

The efficiency of the theory captures human versus environmental interactions and social interactions during service delivery. Focusing on social interactions and how they affect consumer satisfaction in service marketing, the first important service marketing principle, people comes into question. ‘ People’ refers to the individuals who are involved directly or indirectly with the service and in this case study, these people would be the nurses, doctors, the security personnel, and the junior assistant.

‘ People’ or customer contact employees represent the face of the institution or organization and translate the quality of the service because they first deliver the physical service for visible results (Booms & Bitner, 1981 p. 48).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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