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The paper "Whether Emotional Intelligence Is an Important Factor in Graduate Employability" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Emotional Intelligence is a new development that is currently applied in the corporate world. Its earliest roots can be traced back to the Work’ s of Charles Darwin on the significance of emotional expression for survival and adaptation. According to Chakraborty & Konar (2009). Emotional Intelligence (EI) can philosophically be described as the awareness of and the competence to identify, assess, understand, as well as regulate the emotions of oneself, of others and that of groups in order to create motivation.

It is a set of individual and interpersonal skills related to an individual’ s personality and behavior patterns that enables him/her to function more effectively in life. Employers sometimes argue that it is a significant aspect of graduate employability (Matzke, 2011). This particular paper, therefore, intends to evaluate whether emotional intelligence is an important factor in graduate employability. According to Pool et. al (2007), graduate employability refers to the acquisition of all the necessary elements of success, which increases the probability of a graduate to secure a graduate job.

One significant element of employability is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be argued to influence graduate employability in the sense it affects the attitudes of employees and therefore influencing job performance. Recent findings indicate that emotional intelligence has a positive effect on workplace outcomes. This is because emotionally intelligent people tend to be better performers as opposed to their counterparts who do not possess such an attribute. Lopes et. al (2006) conducted a study to evaluate the influence of emotional intelligence on workplace performance. The study involved examining a sample of 44 clerical employees within the finance department of Fortune Insurance Firm.

The findings of the study revealed that emotionally intelligent employees were given greater merit. In addition, they held higher ranks within the company than the lesser emotionally intelligent counterparts. Also, their supervisor’ s ratings were high. According to Lopes et. al (2006) therefore, emotional intelligence positively contributed to the performance of employees. Emotional intelligence can, therefore, be argued to be a significant factor in as far as graduate employability is concerned. Emotional intelligence can also be argued to be an important factor in graduate employability based on the fact that it plays an essential role in as far as employee relation is concerned (Gabriel, 2000).

The workplace or the employment area is composed of different people. These people include other employees which imply that interaction has to take place within the workplace. Emotional intelligence of a graduate is therefore significant in influencing how an employee is going to interact with other workmates. As highlighted by Gabriel (2000), emotionally intelligent people possess the competence to marshal their own emotional impulses, at least, more than individuals who are not emotionally intelligent; they are self-conscious to know whatever their feelings are, and are able to reflect and convey those things; they have understanding (empathy) for others feelings and insights into how others feel; they are generally positive and easily understand the dynamics of a particular group, and most importantly, where they fit within that group. Emotional Intelligence is therefore crucial towards relating well with others in addition to achieving one's goals.

Therefore, according to Gabriel (2000), Emotional Intelligence is an important factor in graduate employability as it influences the relationship of employees within the employment area.

Besides, the fact many organizations use Emotional Intelligence testing to employ new staff attests the importance of emotional intelligence as an important factor in graduate employability.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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