Essays on Employee Motivation and its Relationship to Job Satisfaction Among Public School Teachers in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

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The paper "Employee Motivation and its Relationship to Job Satisfaction Among Public School Teachers in Saudi Arabia" is an outstanding example of a research proposal on management. This research proposal aims to assess the dissimilar motivation factors and their relationship with job contentment of public school teachers (males and females) in Saudi Arabia. The motivation behind this research is to cover all the areas in Saudi Arabia because previous studies have concentrated on specific regions and left out others; therefore, it will be comprehensive to bridge the gap in previous researchers.

There are very few published documentations on the issues of employee motivation as well as its association with job satisfaction among public school teachers in Saudi Arabia (Zembylas & Papanastasiou 2004). The study’ s aim will be achieved by sampling 152 respondents from public schools from four cities in Saudi Arabia; these will represent the entire nation. These will include primary, secondary, and universities in the selected four cities and will be performed in 3 months (September 2013 to November 2013). The major measurable parameter is gender but other parameters will also be considered, such as age.

The methodology to employed will be a mixed framework in which case the qualitative data will be first gathered with a focus group as well as using semi-structured interviews. In the second phase, the collection of data will be done quantitatively using questionnaires, which will be based on the outcome of the first phase, that is, the qualitative stage. Consequently, data will be analyzed in two phases: the data from the first step will be analyzed using thematic qualitative techniques, which will be facilitated with the help of NVivo software.

On the other hand, data from the second step will be analyzed statistically using SPSS software. Research Background The concern for the demanding nature of the work done by public school teachers has been increasing intensely. Consequently, there is a need to analyze as well as address the issue regarding public school teachers’ job satisfaction. The past studies have concentrated on headteachers only in Saudi Arabia thereby excluding other teachers.  



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