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Employee relationshipThe evolution and the modern concepts of Human resource management have narrowed down to address the various aspects that affect the productivity of the worker at the work place. Employee relations is an old field in the practice of human resource management. Employee relations can be defined as the concentrated efforts aimed at maintaining a good employer-employee relationship that leads to satisfaction and hence increased productivity to the organization as well as morale and motivation to the employees (Hollinshead, 2002). Employee relationship is thus aimed at resolving and preventing conflicts at the work place involving individuals who interact in their course of work. Managing a customer has been regarded as an easier task than managing the employees.

A dissatisfied customer is likely to go for other service and good providers in the market whereas, a dissatisfied employee might resolve to go slow or malicious damage to the organization he is working with. This therefore calls for care when dealing with employees since they can work to the downfall of the organization. They know so much secrets of the organization and when the relationship with employer is not good, they might sabotage the whole organization or even give their competitors secrets of their organization.

The parameters to guide the process of employee satisfaction are defined within the confines of he closeness that the employer and employee enjoy, the communication between the two, goodwill manifested, sympathy and concern on the welfare of each, and the responses and sacrifice that the two are willing to undertake for the success of the other. The are several categories of employee relations at the work place and these includes; Relationship between an employee and the supervisor, worker to worker, between people in management as well as the clients and employee relationships.

This therefore calls for a conducive environment with the employee, goo communication and better ways of handling employee complaints with the aim of avoiding a feel of dissatisfaction by the employees. Over the years, employee relationship has undergone a number of changes. For example, in military organizations, poor employee relations can result in diminished productivity. To counter this strict discipline is enforced training, thereby making them to have self-discipline as well as being aware of the consequences of their acts (Philip, 2003).

Initially, employee relations structured along these lines but ever since, it has evolved and the non-military organization were able to realize that they could not go far with very strict and punitive measures imposed to employees. Employees could therefore demand for their rights as well as move to companies that gave employees freedom to express their concern. The expansion of the job market during the era of post industrial revolution provided employees who had relevant skill the option of job mobility.

After the dropping of the industrial age military method of management, the focus shifted to helping employees to manage their family relationships. This came to change after the realization that the work and home stress and challenges would have an effect on the family and vice versa. Studies indicated that the work place was a place of refuge to those with stressful situations at the home front. This affected the work output and organization started to realize production was greatly affected when more emphasis was place in resolving family issues.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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