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The paper "What Type of Incentives Affect Employees’ Turnover - Qatar Airways " is a perfect example of a management research paper.   Qatar Airways is a globally recognised company that is by far one of the fastest-growing airlines in the aviation industry to date. The company has received numerous awards over the past couple of years and has thus gained its 5-star reputation in the market place for delivering the highest possible standards of service and excellence. To ensure that the company has and is continuing to grow, a lot of time and money is being invested to ensure that all Qatar Airways employees are trained to the highest level.

A variety of training courses are on offer, which has thus resulted in one of the biggest overhead expenses for the company. These courses would include aircraft type ratings for pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers training and service training for cabin crew to mention but a few. From a company point of view, this investment would be irrelevant if the employee turnover was low. Sadly, this is not the case. In Qatar Airways there is a high percentage of employee turnover and a small percentage of employee retention.

In view of these statements, high turnovers are a result of several factors. Employee dissatisfaction can lead to poor customer service and as a result of the slow decay of this 5-star brand. I wish to prevent this from happening and will research and investigate and present new ways and develop strategies to improve employee retention in Qatar Airways. Literature review Introduction This literature review focuses on employee turnover and employee motivation. Satisfaction is clearly linked to employee turnover which is a key factor in driving employees to give their best performance and increase their productivity or leave.

Satisfied employees are also likely to remain loyal, and retention of desirable employees is one of the huge challenges that an organization has to tackle; talented employees are critical in achieving business objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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