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12 University WaySydney NSW 25340406155234makalio@yahoo. comTo Human Resource Manager, Savills, hr@savills. com. auDear Sir/Madam, Ref: APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF A TEAM COORDINATOR - RESIDENTIAL SALESThis letter is to express my interest in the above named position, following an advertisement that you put in the media detailing the requirements for the post. This opportunity is of great interest to me as I have great interest in the real estate market. I hold a Bachelors degree in Sales and Marketing from Macquerie University. During the training my research, analytical and teaching skills were enhanced. My leadership skills and ability to work as a team member was also nurtured.

I am particularly suited to do this job because I have a strong attention to detailed and good problem solving skills. This post suits me because I am competent in time management. I am a self motivated person with good interpersonal skills. I do have excellent communication, negotiation and planning skills which were developed and nurtured in school as well as the previous jobs that I have done. I am very passionate about sales and marketing and I enjoy seeing and experiencing growth in the companies that I work for. Before I joined the real estate industry, I had been working with the Royal Automobile association as a sales manager in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

I was a member of a team that managed to increase the sales by a remarkable twenty percent within a two year period. I was praised by my boss for being organized and committed to my work. I look forward to join your team so that I can be able to grow and learn from your experience in real estate.

It's my sincere hope that you will respond positively to my application, at your own convenience. NB: Please find attached a statement and my CV for a detailed account about me. Yours Faithfully, MICHAEL DWIGHT. Statement Addressing Selection Criteria Strong written and verbal communication skillsMy strong written and verbal communication skills were first demonstrated when I was the editor of the Macquarie Business Weekly. My tasks included conducting interviews for the feature articles and interviewing guests for the publication and to write the feature articles and interviews in an attractive format.

I managed to write many articles during my time as an editor, making sure that I communicated the message well which translated into the increase of sales for the publication. My writing and communication ability were also put to the test when I worked as a research assistant for the Vision Critical and the Market Attitude Research Studies Pty/Ltd companies. During the research, I had to make sure that I communicated the purpose of the research and the benefits it would give the marketing and sales personnel if they participated.

After completing the field work, I was required to write a report for the whole experience detailing the challenges and other observations not captured in the questionnaire. A proven ability to adapt and learn quickly

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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