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Generally, the paper "Senior Financial Planner" is a great example of a management essay.   I am writing this letter in response to the job vacancy you advertise on October 1st, 2013 on your website. I am qualified to hold the position because I meet the minimum requirement that you stated in the advert. My background in analyzing financial plans, monitoring the financial situations of the customers and providing customer services in a professional manner would enable me to make a valuable contribution to the Commonwealth Bank. I will graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Australian National University this year.

Early this year, I have done my internship with the Westpac Bank. While I was at the Westpac Bank I gain a lot of experience on how to handle various banking issues. I am now well equipped with banking knowledge and experience, thus demonstrating solid work ethics in a business environment. I am ready to roll up my sleeve and get the work done without any fear. My academic qualification requires me to possess a vast knowledge of delivering quality services that are beyond the expectations of the customers.

I am also equipped with customer care skills. I obtain these skills while I was working for a charitable firm last December. I was given the responsibility of handling customers at the customer care desk. Once again, my previous work experience and my educational background qualify me to work independently with no supervision at all. I can also work as a team leader as I was the school captain. I am, therefore, ready to attend an interview so that I can demonstrate my leadership abilities, and to prove that I qualify for the position of Senior Financial Planner at the Commonwealth Bank.

I will call your office after one week to follow-up on the status of my application. In case of any clarification, I can be found at 0410 123 456. Thank you for taking your busy time to consider my job application. Sincerely, (Signature) Hanna Griffiths Senior Financial Planner. – Ref. No. -1274148 Banking Qualifications My qualification makes me qualify for this position. I am a graduate of Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Australian National University. Besides, I have completed all the accounting software that is necessary for accountants in Australia. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: I am confident to handle this post and deliver quality services as required by the standing orders of bankers. I understand the seriousness and the importance of this position to the entire banking industry. I am sure to deliver services in a professional manner. In addition to this, I am good at communication. I can communicate with a wide variety of customers without hurting their feelings.

I know some customers are complex to be handled, but with the knowledge and skills I possess, I know I will interact with customers in a manner that is within the code of conduct of this organization (Duman, 2013).   In my previous job, we had software that was used to follow up with customers for feedback and their opinions concerning the services offered by the company. I think I can introduce the same software to this organization. It is very effective in evaluating the effectiveness of the bank’ s products and services.

It can also aid decision making because the managers can use it to measure the profitability of the various products offered by the bank (Kim, 2013).   I am good at interpersonal skills. I can easily read and know the feelings of the customers especially when they are not happy with the product or the services being marketed. Furthermore, I can approach customers who are unfriendly. I know how to do it because I did it before while I was working for a charitable firm in our city. Good Organisational Abilities: Banks new products such as the opening of new accounts for business people, accounts for school going children and the savings accounts.

I am good at marketing such development projects. I will thoroughly explain to customers why they need such accounts. I will also inform them why is it essential to save for the future. I gained this knowledge while I was the first year. I had attended a seminar that was made for the ‘ big 4’ banks in Australia (Gorman and Kennedy, 2013).   When I was doing my attachment in the Westpac Bank, I was given the responsibility of heading the sales team.

The task was challenging because it involves convincing people to buy loans. It can sometimes be a discouraging experience because a customer can ask you for an explanation as to why he should buy a loan in your bank and not the other. Ability to Use Computer Applications: I know how to use all computer applications. I have covered all the packages that are required. Computer in the banking system is compulsory because all the business within the banking hall is done using computers.

I am able to use all the different software such as MS word 07 and 2010. Furthermore, I am faster in learning how to use the programmed software in the banks. I am also well versed with all operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8. I can also work on the excel, access and the adobe page maker. I am sure that I will contribute a lot to Commonwealth Bank if given this opportunity. I can work on emails on different accounts on different personal and professional networking sites.

I have been using this for quite a while. When I was the head of the sales department in the Westpac, I handle various issues concerning emails and the opening of accounts. I was using various software because some customers were calling for specific software for their companies. Evidence of Success as a Sales Manager: I worked as a team leader at Westpac Bank. I was leading a big team that was selling loans to potential customers. The challenge was beyond explanation.

First, it was hard to convince customers to buy loans and second, I had to motivate sales representatives who were not lucky to sell a single loan. Through that experience, I got enough skills to motivate staff members when faced with challenging situations. I can handle any staff regardless of the problem he or she is facing. Workshops I have attended various educative workshops. I attended some while I was working for a charitable firm. I also attended other workshops when I was attached to the Westpac Bank. I learn a lot from these workshops (Schlesinger and Heskett, 2012).

  I am confident that I can work under pressure and produce quality work. We were taught many things that concern the work environment. We were also taught how to relate to people of different cultures and religions. It is essential to living with people with diverse cultures though it is heard from somebody who has not been thought about how to conduct himself with different peoples. PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES A fast adapting person capable of working under minimum supervision, a go-getter, innovative, persistent, creative, highly cultured, excellent coordinator, self-driven, a team player and never shy about seeking guidance whenever in doubt.

Strong academic training backs my practical experience in writing topical issues on lifestyle, business and environment. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND 2010 - To date – Bachelor of Commerce 2006 to 2007 - Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) 2005 - Completion Year 12 (TEE) Hale School, Perth WA CUSTOMER SERVICE & ADMINISTRATIVE SPECIALIST I am good in the following field: Handling of complaints Good memory, efficient and speedy Good communication and interpersonal skills   DEMONSTRATED ABILITIES General administration Compiling and keeping financial records Ability to maintain office records within a customer service environment Can manage financial records that are beyond the accountant Reconciliation of company accounts and bank accounts Ability to the managed information system of the company EMPLOYMENT HISTORY CUSTOMERS SERVICE AND HEAD OF SALES AT WESTPAC BANK Keeping records for incoming and outgoing stocks Interacting with clients and solving their problems Maintaining records for customers Opening accounts for new customers Selling loans to customers Controlling several different community accounts     HOBBIES AND INTERESTS Reading Novels. Skiing


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