Essays on Employment Relation Compartive Questions Essay

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Part AQuestion 1Employment relations primarily cover work related regulation while taking consideration of the economic and social role with respect to the labour and capital power. It thus includes the interactions of different factors such as workers, employers and the collective organizational functions and also the country as a whole. The distinctive features of employment relations thus ought to take into consideration as number of fields that in general covers the industrial relations and human resource management. Industrial relations involve job regulations actions like arbitration and combined bargain of job related issues.

On the other hand the human resource management involves all actions related to the optimization of the organization’s most imperative resource. To be more specific, an interdisciplinary view includes fields such as economics, law, history, sociology, management and psychology. Question 2In the study of comparative employment relation, one ought to use both description and explanation as analytical processes. To describe specifically means to account for something precisely and specifically. As an example using description as a tool requires that the description be as specific as possible, this can be used in describing the national systems of ER in different regions.

Describing thus focuses on how the system is and how it works in a given country. On the other hand, explaining means to make known the reason for why a phenomena is the way it is, it thus requires a combination of agency and context in order to appreciate the explanation of a phenomena. In ER perspective a combination of agency and context is thus required. Question 3The benefits of studying comparative employment relations are to comprehend employment relations in different countries, to enhance policy development and development of better policies to handle human resource issues in future.

Understanding employment relations is a key factor that facilitates any other positive development needed in research and improvement of the employment relations. After understanding employment relations in different countries, policies can then be developed in order to account for human resource related issues. Policy development is thus based on the understanding of the history of employment relations and different systems in different countries, a model policy platform can be developed based on this (Katz, 2011).

Making better policies for the future human resource in organizations can only be fostered through understanding and developed platform of policies related to employment relations. In this case, better policies can only be achieved by studying comparative employment relations. Part BQuestion 4IntroductionDifferent countries have different provisions of minimum national wages that a worker can get per month. This difference is because of the different in the policies that are instituted to govern the amount of wages in private and public sectors that a worker can be paid.

The rationale for setting minimum wage is to mitigate employee exploitation, increase their purchasing power as well as enhancing social justice. This essay primarily focuses on the circumstances in which national minimum wage can be effective in protecting employees from possible exploitation with consideration of the USA and Saudi Arabia.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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