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Generally speaking, the paper "Best Employee Selection Process" is a good example of human resources assignment. Scope of workplace health and safety legislation- the WHS Legislation applies to all staff, contractors and other personnel at workplaces under the management and control of an organization. Under the legislation, employees are obligated to establish and maintain a health and safety working environment evidenced by the organization’ s health and safety policy. On the other hand, employees are obligated to observe all the guidelines provided in the legislation and by the employee in a bid to ensure health and safety in the workplace. Recruitment   Advantages Disadvantages Internal recruitment -quicker and cheap method of recruiting -there is prior exposure of the candidates to the business and its operations -a method of motivating existing employees as it provides an opportunity for promotion -the organization is already familiar with the candidates’ weaknesses and strengths -the number of potential applicants is limited -impossible to introduce ideas from outside -likely to cause resentment amongst those not recruited -creates other vacancies that have to be filled External recruitment -outside people will bring in new ideas -there is a large pool of workers from where the best candidate is chosen -the organization is able to choose those with a wide range of experience -the process is long and expensive Owing to advertising and the required interviews -the selection process may not be effective enough for revealing the best candidate New employee selection criteria Qualification – the suitable candidate will possess the relevant professional qualification in the expertise area necessary e. g.

a degree or an equivalent combination of relevant experience/education or training Attributes-the candidate should possess such attributes as flexibility, achievement-oriented, initiative, professionalism, decisiveness, integrity etc. Skills- the candidate should possess such skills as writing skills, leadership skills, team-building skills, project management skills etc. Knowledge – the ideal candidate is to possess thorough knowledge of… … -demonstrated knowledge of… .. - Specific knowledge of… … Ie.

Knowledge relevant to the job in question Best employee selection process Notification – it is the first step where the human resources department is notified to fill a vacant position with the relevant qualifications being specified Reviewing – in this regard, the resumes of all the candidates are matched with their background and the job requirements in a bid to determine who is to be interviewed Screening – an interview over the telephone to help the narrow field of candidates Interviewing – chosen candidates are interviewed with the aim of getting the best Selection – from those interviewed, the best candidate based on the selection criteria is chosen Testing – in some cases, a candidate may be tested before being hired e. g.

drug screening, personality test etc. after which an offer can be made. NB// The above process is reliable and valid as it ensures that the best candidate is actually chosen for the job. Induction process DAY 1: Explain to the new employee issues to do with payroll formalities, issue staff ID and IT passwords Week 1: Introduce the employee to key personnel in the organization/department Within 3 weeks: Start a formal induction training process Within 13 weeks: The employee should undertake mandatory training on Health and safety, data protection and equality act Within 13 weeks: The employee with the help of the line manager should develop a personal development plan and objectives. NB// This induction process has the potential of reducing staff turnover since it makes everyone feel part of the organization while informing him of their rights and obligations. The setting of a personal development plan will enable the employee to set own goals and the plan will also enable him/her familiarize himself with organizational processes and members, roles and responsibilities thus avoiding confusion. Consistency with EEO guidelines can be achieved by ensuring are potential candidates are allowed to apply regardless of their ethnicity or their physical shortcomings provided they have the relevant qualifications for the job.

The entire recruitment process should only be based on qualifications and the selection criteria but no other factors that disadvantage some group of people. Workforce development enables organizations to meet their objectives since it develops and equips them with skills that are necessary for meeting the organizational goals and hence objectives.

In this regard, the organization enables those with less or no skills to acquire training that is required to meet the specific needs of the organization. A better-educated workforce will thus play a greater role in achieving the employer’ s objectives. Furthermore, workforce training and development will always ensure that the organization is always in line with the current technology and does not at any one time run out of the necessary skills and knowledge.

This way the organization can easily achieve its goals and objectives. The following is a four-step process for identifying organizational training and development needs Perform a ‘ gap ‘ analysis in which the actual performance of the organization and its employees against existing standards. Check the current state of skills, knowledge and abilities of the current and future employee needs. With the gap being identified, the organization can identify training and development needs in line with its goals, climate, internal and external constraints. Identify priorities and importance to the organization’ s goals, realities and constraints and determine whether the needs are real, worth addressing, their importance and agency vis- avis organizational needs and requirements. Identify the causes of performance problems and /opportunities in the organization.

This way, we identify any development and training needs to be fulfilled to correct the situation or take advantage of the opportunity. Identify possible solutions and growth opportunities based on the above steps.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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