Essays on Employment Relations - Unitarist and Pluralist Approaches Coursework

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The paper “ Attracting & Retaining Talent - the Importance of First Impression by Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt” is a dramatic example of an article on human resources. Business units in today’ s competitive world need to ensure that strategies are in place to hire and retain the correct manpower. Manpower is an organization that decides the success and failure of an organization so considering this aspect of a business is vital. This management needs to ensure that “ the first impression created by the employer on the employee, profession and the employee impression towards the firm are all correct” .

(Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010) The article presents the same view and highlights the fact that “ first impression holds importance as it helps to decide the employees associated with the organization both in the long & short run” . (Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010)The entire process holds importance. It starts by hiring spree and continues until productivity. The article highlights the fact that “ it holds more importance for accounting professionals as they are few and requires specialized knowledge to deal with it” . (Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010) This thereby determines the long term relations.

It also guides on the future of the employee with the organization and his career development with the organization. The article also speaks about “ the growth in generation Y and the manner they carry about their work compared to previous generations and the integration of technology and work-life balance that influences their lifestyle” . (Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010) Thus, this article, on the whole, tries to highlight the importance of retaining talent and ensuring that they are retained for the future. The article speaks about the importance of the first impression and any alteration will lead the organization to lose on vital employees.

It is true that the first impression the organization “ creates on the employees decides whether an employee will join an organization or not” . (Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010) This is true as when the employee comes in contact with the organization he creates an impression and that guides him throughout his career until he has worked for some time with the organization and becomes acquainted with it. Even a study reveals that “ an employee impression about an organization is created the first time he comes in contact with the organization either through their website or direct contact which decides his future course of action” .

(Swartz, 2010) His decision to pursue with the company is based on this and this decides his future with the organization. The first Impression holds various advantages for both the employees and the organization. Firstly, “ it will help the employee and organization both decide the actions they will take in the future” . (Swartz, 2010) This will ensure the timely supply of the workforce and help the management in the future. Secondly, it will also help to fill the vacancies in the future.

This will help the organization in succession planning as the vacancies can be filled in house. This will also ensure that employees understand the culture properly and integrate it with their learning’ s.The disadvantage is that the first impressions might create a wrong picture of the organization or the employee for which the consequences will be borne in the long run. This will affect growth productivity in the future.    

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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