Essays on Empowerment of Employees to Do their Work Assignment

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 Q. 1 This paper is going to give more information on empowering of employees to do their work. This is a managerial task that has to be carried out by the administrative body or top managers in an organization. The employees are the key players that facilitate the success of any given organization. For this reason, they should be empowered to work hard and freely consult their employer or top managers. There are employment empowering principles that the administrative system of any organization should employ for better empowerment (Hernandez, Robert, S, 2009, p.

265). This paper would look at the main employee empowerment principles and a precise description of each. Below are the five main principles of employee empowerment: (a) The employer or administration of an organization should effectively demonstrate that he/she values the organizational employees(Lin, Song & Huang, Xiong, 2012, 539). This can be done by treating them and talking to them in a fair manner. (b) The employer should have the ability to share the leadership vision with the employees in the organization. This is the only way that the administration system can ensure that employees participate highly in achieving the organizational success.

(c) The employer port the administration should trust in its employees for better result outcome. With trust, division of labour and specialization can be used to enhance operation. (d) The top management team or employer should provide the information that enables employees identify the made decision. (e) The employer should have an ability to delegate his/her authority and impact opportunities for employees to work within. This has not just to be creating more work: In addition to those principles that aim at empowering employees in different organization, there are also ways of empowering the employees to do their own work.

These ways are mentioned below: (i) The development of competency by the employer through actively participating in the organizational planning and coordination operation (Hernandez, Robert, S, 2009, p. 265). (ii) The organizational administration should offer sufficient support to their employees in terms of academic advancement and financial support. (iii) The organizational management team should come up with a well scheduled timeframe of the organizational operation. This would improve on time usage and reduce chances of time wastage in the organization.

(iv) The management team should create a more strict way of assessing each employee’s working rate and reward them according to their hard work. (v) The organizational administration should come up with a theoretical foundation on which the organization should follow during its operation. Q. 2 A managerial philosophy that creates an appropriate service environment for the employees of any organization is the human resource management philosophy. From the basis of this philosophy, employees should be well rewarded when they perform a job that requires appreciation.

The ways through which employees can be rewarded include; promotion, educational support and financial support in times of need. By doing all these, the employer or the organizational administrative system would be creating a supportive e environment where employees can effectively and efficiently work. In conclusion, organizational administrative systems and employers should use the above learned principles that are used in empowering employees in order to create a favourable environment where employees can effectively and efficiently work. References: Lin, Song & Huang, Xiong. Advances in Computer Science, Environment, Ecoinformatics, and Education: International Conference, Csee 2011, Wuhan, China, August 21-22, 2011.

Proceedings, Part 4, Volume 217 of Communications in Computer and Information Science, Springer, 2012, p. 539. Hernandez, Robert, S. Strategic Human Resources Management in Health Services Organizations, Edition3, New York, Cengage Learning, 2009, p. 265

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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